I was speaking this afternoon with a client who used to have adrenal problems.

I say used to because that was the last war. He used to have adrenal problems but the lab tests report his adrenal glands are now healed and healthy.

One of the common mistakes that even generals make is to keep on fighting the last war, rather than recognizing what is actually going on now.

Even though my client had healed his adrenal glands, he was still having energy problems.

And by that I mean he would go through periods where his energy would drop through the floor, making it difficult for him to exercise at all or get through an average day without feeling like he would rather just go to bed.

I explained to him that he was misusing his personal chi.

To illustrate this further, I gave an example from my own life.

Years ago, I went to visit a shaman (just ask me – I have done just about everything where natural healing is concerned).

The shaman said to me, “You are trying to control the weather.”

I thought for a moment and then conceded that he was actually correct.

I remembered one incident where I was driving my car past a homeless shelter.

There was a young mother sitting at an open air bus stop next to the shelter with her four children. It started to rain.

I looked up at the sky and shook my finger as if I was scolding a misbehaving person.

“You stop that right now!” I said.

I didn’t want that woman and her four children to get soaking wet, sitting on that bench by the side of the road. It looked like their lives were hard enough as it was.

I admitted to the shaman that on Wednesday afternoons, I prefer to teach my qi gong class outside in my garden.

When Wednesday afternoons would roll around and the skies would turn grey, I would sit around wishing it would not rain so that we didn’t have to practice inside. Who doesn’t like a little fresh air, especially when you can practice qi gong in my glorious garden by the blue jar fountain?

“What am I supposed to do on Wednesday afternoons?” I asked the shaman. I truly didn’t understand my alternatives.

“Just let it rain,” the shaman said.

Too often in life, we waste our own personal chi trying to control events that we really have no business trying to control.

This is a huge cause of exhaustion that otherwise gets diagnosed as adrenal burnout, chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

We often don’t even realize exactly what we are doing. We tell ourselves we are simply focusing, or wishing and hoping, when energetically we are trying to push things the way our ego minds think they would be better off going rather than yielding and allowing life to unfold, which is in fact the spiritually correct thing to do.

I often teach by telling stories. By telling this story, my client got exactly what he had been doing – constantly and consistently misusing his own personal chi.

He had been feeling exhausted again but I told him a few months ago there was nothing wrong physically.

He then got a thorough workup by his medical team, and the nurse reported to him that they rarely see anyone as physically healthy as he now is. His blood work was textbook clean, so he had to admit that there was another explanation for his lapses of energy.

I asked my client to make a long list of ways he had tried to use his own energy to make things go his way – a lifelong pattern that began after his parents divorced when he was just a young child.

It takes a huge amount of energy to try to control the weather, other people, the direction of business deals, etc. etc. etc.

It takes a lot less energy to be happy with how things come along as they are destined to unfold anyway, despite our wishing, prodding, hoping and controlling.

It’s a true spiritual practice to let it be.

We have to remember that we are safe in this lifetime, no matter what happens to us, including and even after we are actually dead.