When you look for true, long-lasting relief, you want to rid yourself of the origin of your suffering.

Here’s the way I look at the flow of energy in your body from the point of view of a medical intuitive.

How I See Your Pranamayakhosha, Or Energy Body

Energy enters your body through your hara line.

Your hara line is a vertical electrical current extending from above the crown of your head through the center of your physical body down into the earth.

Your hara line feeds prana into your chakras. Many people are familiar with the seven major vortexes called chakras, but you have minor chakras all over your body, as well as above and below your body.

This is why practices such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, Reiki, energy healing and breath work can alleviate your suffering because they restore balance to your chakras.

Your chakras feed chi into your acupuncture meridians. Many people have visited an acupuncturist or taken advantage of self acupressure techniques.

Your acupuncture meridians feed chi into your organs. 

Your organs feed prana into your muscles.

The Problem You Think Is The Problem Is Not Actually Your Problem

As you study and come to understand this flow of energy in your body, you can begin to inquire within yourself if the problem is really your tight hamstrings or your large intestine that directs energy into your hamstring muscles.

Or whether the problem is really your large intestine or your large intestine acupuncture meridian or your first chakra or your hara line.

Where in fact do you experience energy leaks, under or over energy in your meridians, blockages, blow outs or shut downs in your chakras?

You Can Take Better Care of Your Personal Energy If You Learn How 

Self care practices such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong can restore balance to this flow of your personal prana and in so doing provide dramatic and often immediate relief.

Visiting an energy healer or acupuncturist can wipe away years of suffering when you simply lie on their treatment table and accept treatment.

Food healing such as juicing and smoothies that give your cells the phytochemicals necessary to reduce inflammation and rebuild your organs can alleviate systemic pain all over your body.

It’s important to understand that just because you sense pain in one area of your body doesn’t mean that the disruption actually started there.

The more you see your body the way that I do – as a body of life energy that can be rebuilt in the same way that you can save money and rebuild your savings account – the more you will see how much hope you have for finding the ease and comfort you so truly desire.


Your Overall Chi Level

In fact, your personal energy is so crucial that the very first thing I do when I’m doing a medical intuitive reading is to inquire into your overall chi level.

I put your life energy on a scale of 0 to 100, with 50 being average for a man or woman of your exact same age.

People who have spent years focusing on excellent self care often build their chi into the high 80s or low 90s.

Because we all face assaults from stress, toxic environments, inadequate rest, improper nutrition and not enough time for exercise, I rarely see anyone higher than the mid 80s.

On the other end of the scale, many people have neglected their personal health for so long that they become surprised when a doctor diagnoses them with an illness.

I like to think of life energy just like money.

You have to spend it every day of your life but you can also save it, build it, restore it.

You can heed the advice of good wellness coaches, smart nutritionists, wise yoga teachers, helpful emotional therapists and energy healers just like you can follow a savvy investment advisor.

You Can Be Happy and Healthy For As Long As You Choose

As our health fails, our personal chi may drop into the 20s.

When people are dying, their personal prana drops from the 20s and below.

This is how I can perceive that people are getting ready to die.

However, we have to remember that our health does not depend on our chronological age.

You can be happy and healthy and enjoy excellent energy until the day you die – provided you take care to maintain your personal chi.

Just like you can learn to manage your money wisely, you can learn how to maintain high levels of energy that feed every organ, every muscle and every cell and keep you pain-free until the day you die.