Yesterday, one of my regular clients appeared for her session.

On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain, her back pain was a 7.

When she left my office, after an hour and a half, her back pain was a 0.


Here is what I did:

  1. We discussed where her back hurt and which actions or movements caused discomfort. I used kinesiology to muscle test which movements were a problem. There are six movements of the spine – forward bending, back bending, side bend left, side bend right, twist left and twist right.
  2. I used a kind of kinesiology called Total Body Modification. I corrected a torque in her ribs on the front of the body. Then I corrected a syndrome called cardiac low back. It’s quite simple to understand. When you are highly stressed, your lower back gives out to make you stop to keep you from having a heart attack.
  3. Because her back was still weak, I identified which nutritional supplements would support the organs involved. The organs feed energy to the muscles. Many times if you have a muscle pain, there is a weakness in the corresponding organ. In my client’s case, she needed support for her adrenal glands, her lungs and her brain chemistry.
  4. Scientific research shows that people who have low back pain tend to have low levels of endorphins. In plain English, if you are depressed, you are more likely to experience physical pain in your lower back. My client was indeed depressed, so we discussed what she could do to feel better, including taking nutritional supplements for the brain.
  5. I then began to do physical work on the specific muscles involved. I used acupressure and muscle release techniques to lengthen the quadratus lumborum, fascia lata and psoas muscle groups. In plain English, that’s the deep muscle in the lower back, outer thigh and inner groan. I released the trigger points in those muscles and used facilitated stretching to release the pain in the muscles.
  6. By this time, my client’s pain was down to a 3. Then I taught her a simple program of seven exercises she could do anytime her back started to hurt. I really like to empower my clients by teaching them what to do if they feel uncomfortable. Based on which of the muscles were weak and tight, I taught my client exercises that she could do in 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. By the time she had finished these seven simple exercises, her pain was completely gone. Let me add that her back pain had been so severe that she had scheduled a session with her medical doctor for the following day to discuss what she could do about it. “I guess I don’t need help getting rid of the pain,” she said when we were done.
  8. Then, finally, I used blocks to block my client’s spine. This is a simple technique liking hitting the Save button on your computer. It allows the nervous system to reset all the changes that were made so that being balanced becomes the new normal.

Many people with back pain come to believe that being uncomfortable has to be a way of life. This is not the case!

The whole session took just 1 1/2 hours, and my client went from a 7 pain level to absolutely zero pain.

Not only did I work on her myself, I empowered her to understand her body so that she could be in charge of knowing what to do to feel better.