One of the biggest complaints I get from new clients is “I have no energy!”

It’s no secret that you will not have much energy if there is no chi in your food.

Years ago I remember doing a medical intuitive reading for a client who had chronic fatigue syndrome. She was literally living off of protein bars.

“I thought this was good nutrition,” said my client, who had an MBA from a prestigious business school but who was unable to work due to severe exhaustion.

“Unfortunately,” I said, “you believed the marketing.”

You can start rebuilding your energy by eating fresh food.

Here is my breakfast for today – fresh strawberries, fresh apricots, organic yogurt and gluten free granola with nuts and flaxseeds.

Step one is to eat breakfast.

If you don’t eat breakfast, you set yourself up for blood sugar problems, cravings and exhaustion, especially later in the day.

Step two is to include high energy foods, including organic fruits and vegetables at every meal.