You can tell how much life force is in your food by using a pendulum.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I consult with all kinds of people.

Motivated ones.

Resistant ones.

People who are convinced they know more than me.

People who want to get better but don’t know how.

People who don’t want to get better but who want to put up a good show.

People who have given up, who have tried so many things they are totally confused and who don’t actually believe it’s possible for them to heal.

When it comes to food, many people have all kinds of issues.

One of the quickest ways to resolve your issues with your diet is to get curious.

Is the cuisine you are actually eating going to benefit your health?

If you understand that all illness is simply slowed down vibration, then in order to heal you will want to consume high life force vibrant foods.

Maybe you have been telling yourself that you need to eat a certain diet but the slop you have convinced yourself is good for you actually isn’t.

The first clue could be your energy level and the weight on your scale.

Here’s how you can tell how much prana is in your food:

  • Step One. Hold a pendulum over your food. Just wait a few seconds.
  • Step Two. If the food you are planning on eating has a lot of life force – such as organic, homemade food full of fresh fruits and vegetables, for example – your pendulum will begin spinning in a clockwise direction.
  • Step Three. If the food you selected has very little to offer, the pendulum will either not move at all, move weakly OR move in a counter clockwise direction. Be aware that any food you put in a microwave – whether that be to defrost, heat or reheat – will subsequently spin a clockwise direction. This is bad. All living cells spin clockwise. When you eat food whose life force is spinning in a counter clockwise direction, toxins drive deeper into the cells. Frankly this is the cellular pattern of cancer. Don’t go there!
  • Step Four. Make a decision. Decide right then and there how you really want to FEEL. When you consume nourishment that is high in chi, your own vitality is going to increase. When you chow down on dead, processed, microwaved low vitality leftovers, guess what, you are probably going to feel rotten. Just how important is it to you to feel good today? Given that it takes four days for food to move through your digestive system (if you are healthy), how you feel over the course of the next four days depends on what you decide to put in your mouth today. How important is it for you to feel fabulous over the next four days?

I know what my answer would be!

I like to teach people how to use a pendulum with their provisions because then you are totally, 100 percent back in the drivers seat.

Grub that is beneficial for you that will boost your energy will cause a clockwise spin of your pendulum.

Any so-called chow that will drain your energy will cause a counter clockwise spin of your pendulum.

That is all you really need to know!

So many people do not like being told what to do by the diet dictocrats – you know the ones, the people who think they know more than you do about what you should and should not eat.

Sometimes you just have to have a cookie, or a piece of chocolate, or a piece of pizza, whatever.

Just be an informed consumer!

It is a wonderful experiment to go into your kitchen and play with a pendulum.

If you own a microwave, put fresh water in a cup. Check the spin with your pendulum.

Then microwave the water for 60 seconds. Check the spin – you may be surprised to learn that even as short of a time as one minute of microwaving will cause the water to reverse its energy, making it not good for you.

Even if you are already pretty clear, you can use a pendulum to detect if any food has gone bad. I used this recently to discover that organic dried blueberries in my pantry had passed the point at which they would have been beneficial.

Maybe you have been telling yourself that the barbecue sauce that you grew up grilling with was oh so healthy. The pendulum can reveal the truth!

Use the pendulum to discover the hidden benefits or hidden problems behind anything you think about putting in your mouth and you will end up feeling better, losing weight naturally and experiencing fewer health challenges.