Most people, when you ask them how old they are, think about their birthday and their chronological age.

You may have been born on July 26 6, 1943, but that is not a true indication of how old you REALLY are.

How old you really are has to do with a combination of factors.

If I am doing a medical intuitive reading, one of the things that I look at is a person’s biological age.

That is a general summation of your cellular health and the health of all your organs, your vitality, your outlook and your general chi.

Your chronological age may be 68, but your biological age could be 103. Or it could be even 43, or 58.

You can’t control when your birthdays come ticking around the calendar, but there are so many factors you can control to stay young and healthy inside and out. Here a number of factors you can consider:

You are only truly as young and healthy as your weakest organ. That is why you will hear about people who are runners or triathletes who drop dead during competition. One of my high school friends recently died during a triathlon. Your muscles and bones can be quite strong, but if you are not looking at your total health, you may be missing something rather significant.

One of the benefits for you of receiving a medical intuitive reading is to find out which is your weakest organ. Everybody has one. My weakest organ, for example, is usually my kidneys as I took a medication for 18 years that has the net effect of damaging the kidneys. I find many people who are completely unconscious about the health of their kidneys. Many people are much more aware of their heart or their lungs or even their liver. I am always working on my kidneys, dealing with the emotional issues around kidneys, taking herbs for my kidneys, using Celtic sea salt and getting onto myself when I don’t drink enough water. By working on your weakest organ you actually prolong your life as well as the quality of your life.

You also have a psychological age and this can vary depending on different circumstances. Once again, you may be 68, but you could act age 3 when you deal with money, age 15 when you are talking about fast cars or age 80, brimming with wisdom, when dealing with your spirituality.

The goal is for each of us to develop great cellular health, which keeps us looking young, while at the same time using our life experiences to learn and grow and develop our wisdom age.