As you open your sixth sense, you sift through the messages that actually come from your inner guidance as opposed to the voices of those around you:

  • Your parents.
  • Your peers.
  • Your professors.
  • Your priests.
  • Your politicians.

How can you tell if information does not come from your soul?

Your parents program your inner child. People are most easily imprinted with beliefs before the age of five, and many of the ideas you have about yourself came from what you interpreted your parents to say to you at that early age. Counsel you receive from your parents include all your little kid beliefs:

  • You are/are not good enough.
  • You are/are not beautiful/handsome.
  • You are/are not smart.
  • You are/are not lovable.

Your peers are your sparring partners. They give messages for who you are today:

  • You do/do not fit in.
  • You do/do not matter.
  • How you have to talk/act/look to be part of the crowd.

Your professors give you a map for the world around you:

  • How the world supposedly is/is not.
  • What is/is not true.
  • How things are/are not supposed to be done.
  • How things do/do not work.

Your priests instruct your moral guidelines:

  • What is/is not right/wrong.
  • How you are/are not supposed to act.
  • What you have to do/do not do to be right with God.

Your politicians inforom you the rules about the country you live in:

  • What you can/can not do.
  • Where you can/can not go.
  • Who you can/can not be.
  • What you can/can not say.

If you think through all the messages that your parents, your peers, professors, priests and politicians give you, there is either a higher or lesser degree of control in what they are communicating.

Your soul messages stand apart because rather than trying to control you, your soul wants to liberate you.

No one else has a life purpose quite like yours.

No one can do what you alone are meant to do.

Rather than telling you what not to be, think, wear, eat, say or do, your soul will be prompting you towards your greatest joy.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, complete the following exercise:

  1. Write down what you think your parents want you to be, do or have.
  2. List what you think your peers would like you do do, be or have.
  3. Jot down the messages from all the people who have ever trained, educated or instructed you about what you are supposed to do, be or have.
  4. Scribble down what the people in your church, synagogue or mosque have to say about the subject.
  5. Finally, make note of the laws of your country.

As you write down the prescription from your parents, peers, professors, priests and politicians, how do you feel?

As you filter everybody else out, the rest is you.

As your emotions come up, notice your soul longing.

Underneath all the commandments, what would you rather experience?

That would be your soul talking.



Maybe you get a simple picture, a word, a sensation an inner knowing.

That’s your soul speaking its simple truth, your sacred key to unlock your future.

Give yourself permission now to act from this place of inner knowing.