I am all about having fun.

To me, if you are not having fun and being happy in life, what is the point?

I am always puzzled by people who have accepted misery as a normal way of life. To me, it’s not normal and it’s certainly not optimal.

So I will make it simple.


There are three ways to be happy in life.


The first way is through physical pleasure. Eating. Sex. Movement. Touch.


The second way is through what is called soul satisfaction. Now what is satisfying to one soul may not be satisfying to the next. To one person, that may be watching NFL football on Sunday afternoon, eating chicken wings and laughing it up with the boys. To me, it’s beading on my porch, writing this blog, taking my dog for a walk, being in nature, tending my orchids and my garden, having lunch with a friend. To someone else it might be writing a poem, playing the piano, having the whole family over for dinner.


The third way to be happy in life is through life meaning. This is a biggie. This is about having a bigger picture beyond just YOU, just your family even. I love what I do because every day in my work somebody gets happier or healthier – and usually several somebodies get happier AND healthier and then they all tell me about it, lucky me.


When we connect to our feeling of ALL – not just the little picture of ME, but our big picture of ALL – and see how whatever we do makes a difference in whatever small way that we can do it, that’s meaning.


Some people think that you have to get all your meaning out of your job or even get paid for it. That is not necessarily the case.


Maybe you just let somebody know you really appreciate what they do. You express gratitude.


Maybe you just go out of your way to help other people experience light and love in their lives – to have what you yourself want to experience.


My friend Steve Hart runs the meditation group every Monday night, and has been doing so for years on end, no pay, no glory involved. He also drives 2 to 2 1/2 hours to Chattanooga regularly to help people there meditate.


One time Steve and I were talking about the subject of enlightenment. He told me something to the effect that he wants to help other people get their first.


Now that is meaning.