“If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

Ram Dass

You’re scrolling through Facebook and notice your stepbrother has tagged every family member except you in a group photo.

Your father calls a meeting and announces with great melodrama that you and your brother have been disinherited. Any money left over after he finishes trying to blow it all will be left to his prep school.

You show up at a family funeral and notice that during the slideshow every other relative has been included except you.

You’re at the family celebration for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter you name it and somebody at the table puts their foot in their mouth – again.

Your blood boils.

You feel worthless, sad, frustrated, impotent.

All of a sudden you feel like an 8 year old.

You want to strangle your mother, father, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister.

Thankfully murder can’t be committed via telephone.

You want to stomp around the house and scream your head off.

You may find yourself so unconsolable you’re in the midst of a crying jag that lasts for days.

What just happened?

One minute you thought you were a rational adult, next minute you feel like an abandoned, overlooked, abused or neglected child.

Here’s what just happened: your family garbage just got triggered.

In this video, I’m teaching a simple natural healing technique from Total Body Modification (TBM) to clear family garbage.

Family garbage is old, unprocessed emotional turmoil you have carried forward from your childhood.

Everybody has family garbage.

Even if you were an orphan, trust me, you have family garbage.

Your inner child rages, feels engulfed with grief, gets triggered into feelings of low self esteem and worthlessness every time your family garbage raises its ugly head.

Family garbage brings up the worst aspects of you because when it gets activated you bypass your logical, adult wisdom self and get thrown back into the issues from your childhood.

All of a sudden you’re not 61, 45 or 34.

You’ act like a 2-year-old, a 4-year-old or whatever age you were when this particular piece of family garbage got implanted.

Those of you who are familiar with Total Body Modification (TBM) will notice that this healing technique is very similar to the energy healing technique used to clear self destruct. You can watch my video about how to clear self destruct at this link on Youtube.

When your family garbage gets pulled up you often feel like kicking yourself if not actually lashing out at those unfortunate folks who you grew up with.

Traditional psychologists spend years  in talk therapy with clients empowering them to understand, forgive and gain new perspective on the inevitable traumas we all experience growing up.

This work has great value and I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the importance of talk therapy.

However, when you notice that your family garbage has been activated and inside yourself you feel off to the races with your old stories about how you didn’t get enough (fill in the blank), how they aren’t (fill in the blank) and how you just want to (fill in the blank), you can use this healing technique to turn down the emotional charge and return to your healthy adult self.

Here’s how you do this technique:

  1. Determine how many layers of family garbage you are experiencing. It’s highly unusual to have just one layer of family garbage!
  2. In quick succession, flick upwards on your xyphoid process, spleen, liver and mid brow.
  3. Rub horizontally across your forehead while inhaling, exhaling and breathing.
  4. Continue adding one flick for each layer of family garbage. For example, for the second layer, flick twice on your xyphoid process, spleen, liver and mid brow.
  5. Rub horizontally across your forehead while inhaling, exhaling and breathing.
  6. Continue adding one flick for each layer until you have finished clearing the negative charge on your family garbage.

How do you know if you are finally free of family garbage?

When you can spend a weekend with your mother, father, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsisters and the whole cast of characters you consider family and not get thrown into your inner child, you may possibly have gotten to the other side.

Of course there are many other healing techniques to consider, beginning with forgiveness.

You may want to learn about simple forgiveness mantras by reading my article at this link.

Of course we sometimes make the mistake of thinking if we forgive these crazy people otherwise known as family that we may be letting them off the hook.

In truth, when you forgive you let yourself off the hook. You can read my article “Heal 4 Major Organs by Learning to Forgive” at this link.

The trauma you may have experienced growing up could possibly be so deep you feel cut to the level of your soul.

I talk about soul wounds and how to heal them in depth in my 10th book Reading the Soul.

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook or audiobook

What is healing? Healing happens when you clear family garbage and emerge out the other side unencumbered in your adult wisdom self,  taking all mistakes for love.

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