The social distancing, lockdowns and drastic changes in our social lives have led to an epidemic of loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic that affects people of all ages.

In this video, I teach you how to clear the feelings of loneliness.

It’s important to understand that you hold the energy of emotions in your physical body.

Clearing the emotions that weigh you down will go a long way to uplift your spirits and improve your physical health.

The technique that I’m teaching you here comes from a system of healing called Total Body Modification (TBM).

Here’s how to clear loneliness with TBM:

  1. Determine how many layers of loneliness you are currently suffering from. If you can muscle test yourself, test how many layers you have. If you are a practitioner helping a client, test how many layers the client is suffering from.
  2. In quick succession, flick upwards on your left kidney, belly button and xyphoid process.
  3. Then rub upwards on the left temple for 30 seconds while inhaling, exhaling and breathing.
  4. If you are suffering from more than one layer of loneliness, repeat this process and add one flick for each layer. For example, on the second layer, flick the left kidney twice, the belly button twice and the xyphoid process twice before doing the correction.
  5. Continue until you have cleared all the layers. 

I’ve written a couple of previous articles about how to cope with loneliness.

You may benefit from reading “How to Cope with the Loneliness of Coronavirus” at this link.

Many people suffered from the pain of loneliness well before the coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers discovered even before COVID-19, nearly 50% of Americans surveyed said they experienced loneliness.

I wrote “3 Natural Healing Remedies for Loneliness” in August 2018. 

Personally I believe that many people suffering from depression and anxiety are simply lonely.

When we learn how to connect our head and our heart, when we practice nurturing connections with like-minded people and discover our tribe, we can feel like a valued, meaningful member of our human family.

Even when you are having to self isolate to protect your health or to keep others from getting any virus you may be suffering from, you can contribute to the planet through prayer and meditation.

You can follow along to this Meditation for Global Healing that I co-created with Kim Fox-Gunderson, masters in social work of Chicago, and her talented daughters Riley Gunderson and Zoë Gunderson.

What is healing? Healing happens when you face the loneliness you actually feel and take the steps necessary to connect to all the love around you.

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