When you are trying to develop your intuitive gifts, it is always best to begin with yourself.


You must be able to tune in with yourself before you can be intuitive about anything or anybody else.


As I mentioned in my last post, many feeler clients have trouble with psychic boundaries and initially are unable to differentiate their own true feelings from the feelings of other people around them.


A good place to start is to wake up in the morning and ask yourself how you feel.

You can start with your physical body and tune in to how you are feeling physically.

Then you can venture into the realm of your emotions.

A good resource is to download the free file about emotions that is on my website.

Go to this link:


And download free file number 9, Emotions And Your Health.


Many people are unable to differentiate the subtleties of emotions other than “good” or “bad.” But emotions are like the color purple. There are all varieties of purple – mauve, violet, indigo, magenta, mulberry, amethyst…and more!


Tune in to how you feel. As you become clear about how you really feel, if your mood shifts throughout the day, you can begin to ask yourself who or what kind of energies have caused those feelings to shift. You will be able to walk into a room and read the energy that is there because you are already clear about how you feel. You will be less likely to take on other people’s pain or suffering because you will know it doesn’t belong to you.


After tuning in first thing in the morning, get by yourself at least two other times throughout the day – especially in the afternoon and before bed – and get clear on how it is that you feel.


The author Elaine Aron has written a number of helpful books about highly sensitive people. She was counseling other people, and would find herself feeling anxious or depressed. Then she would go to work the next day and her patients would express to her the very same feelings she had experienced the day before.


According to my friend Don Dennis of the Isle of Gigha in Scotland, creator of the Living Light Orchid Essences, about six percent of the population is born especially psychically sensitive to begin with.


If you are psychically sensitive, initially this sensitivity can be quite a burden and can affect your physical body and/or mental health.


I explain to my clients that being psychically sensitive is like owning a Ferrari. If you own a car like that, you had better learn how to drive it because a mere tap of the gas pedal can send you zooming down the road.


Having someone who can guide you in comprehending your intuitive skills can be invaluable. You may not be crazy – you are just incredibly gifted. I teach many of my clients how to develop their own intuition and many of them become quite good and use these skills in their businesses, in their personal life and to improve their physical health.


In addition to tuning in first thing in the morning and at least two other times throughout the day, another good way to develop your psychic feeling is to practice qi gong.


Subtle energy is by definition subtle. As you practice qi gong, you will learn to discern the energy between your hands and the energy all around you.


Qi gong will also balance your own acupuncture system and balance your energy field so that you can handle what life brings to you every day.


My mentor in healing, Sue Maes, tells the story of how she learned shiatsu.


The very first week, her teacher had Sue put her hands on different bodies. She was asked to differentiate hot and cold. The next day, all day long would be something different – thick or thin. All day long every day, she was taught to put her hands on a body and describe what she felt. Frustrating and repetitive at first, but this exercise is a great way to develop psychic feeling in your hands.