In this presentation for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan discusses how to heal from trauma.

Questions addressed in this discussion include:

What is trauma?

As a medical intuitive healer, I look at how trauma has affected a person’s physical body, energetic system, emotions, mind and spirit. Trauma affects all five levels of a person. To heal, we must address all five levels.

Many people who have experienced trauma may have been told “just get over it.” If a person has experienced trauma in their life, why can’t they just “get over it?”

Because trauma affects all five levels of your being, the side effects may be stuck in ways you may not be consciously aware of. For example, your inability to breathe may indicate you are stuck in fight or flight. Or you may feel triggered by stimuli beyond your conscious awareness.

How does trauma affect the nervous system?

You have two parts of your nervous system – the sympathetic side which responds to stress and the parasympathetic side that allows you to relax. You are programmed to survive, not to relax. When we experience trauma, we may be stuck in the sympathetic side of the nervous system – sympathetic dominant – and unable to relax no matter how hard we try.

How does trauma affect the brain?

Trauma desynchronizes the left and right sides of your brain. When this happens, it may be difficult for you to learn, access short or long-term memory or even be able to perform normal daily tasks.

How does trauma affect a person’s energy field and how does that make a person more sensitive to their environment?

It’s a law of physics that anytime there is a vertical electrical current there is a magnetic field perpendicular to that. Trauma tears holes in your energy field. This may leave you vulnerable to energies and emotions and people and feeling hypersensitive to everyone and everything.

What is the first step a person needs to take if they recognize they have experienced trauma?

An organism needs to feel safe before any true healing can occur. By creating a safe home and workplace and finding people you trust, your nervous system can relax and you can begin to get out of survival mode.

Why is talk therapy often ineffective in treating trauma?

Often the first step in healing trauma is ginning up the courage to tell someone what happened. I have great respect for psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors. Because trauma affects all five levels of your being, talk therapy alone is incomplete. When we address all aspects – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual – miracles can occur.

Why is breathwork so powerful in relieving trauma?

Breathwork moves the energy that’s stuck deep inside you, especially emotions that are beyond your conscious awareness. You can learn Eight Minutes to Inner Peace by reading or listening to the audiobook version of my book The Little Book of Breathwork.

The Little Book of Breathwork

This breathing routine cuts anxiety at least by half in eight minutes – Xanax doesn’t even work that fast.

Why is it so important to identify and healing triggers that pull up cellular memories of trauma?

Your body remembers everything that has happened to you even if your conscious mind does not. Sounds, smells and even physical postures may pull up cellular memories of traumatic events in surprising ways.

What affect does the stress hormone cortisol have on the body and why is it critical for people who have experienced trauma to adopt a low stress lifestyle?

Cortisol is the most destructive hormone in the body. When a person has experienced trauma they may be hypersensitive to their own stress hormones. If stress went on for decades, you may be in a low cortisol state experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome. You may benefit from reading or listening to the audiobook version of my book Unlimited Energy Now.

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

Why is forgiveness for ourselves and others critical for all healing?

Forgiveness is a powerful healing modality. You are a soul having a human experience. You chose everything that has happened to you. When you forgive, you let go of bitterness and resentment. You don’t have to approve of what happened but you will feel better when you forgive yourself for choosing these experienced and forgive those you have viewed as your perpetrators.

Why are so many people who experienced trauma totally exhausted?

When we experience trauma, we live in stress. Over time, this can leave us depleted on all levels, just trying to survive. Be compassionate with yourself and nurture yourself. It takes energy to heal. The more you focus on rebuilding your energy the easier it will be to release trauma.

What has to happen before a person is ready to heal from their trauma?

You have to develop the inner resources to face trauma.

It may take decades of personal growth work before you can totally face the terror, truth and damage you experienced. Be patient with yourself. Trust your healing process. Your soul will know when you are ready to face what happened.

What are your top 5 recommendations for a person who has experienced trauma?

1. Brain integration work. You can read the directions about how to repattern your brain at this link.

2. Low stress lifestyle.

3. Create a safe place where you are able to heal – a loving home, a support group, a spiritual community where you can give and receive unconditional love.

4. Forgiveness. You can learn a powerful forgiveness mantra at this link.

5. Find a professional with whom you feel 100 percent safe and unconditionally supported to unwind the trauma at your own pace.

To watch my playlist on Youtube “Natural Healing for Trauma, PTSD and Abuse,” please visit this link.

Resources mentioned in this discussion include: “Repatterning: A Natural Healing Remedy for Your Brain.” Read the article and watch the videos at this link.

To learn breathing exercises to release trauma, please visit Eight Minutes to Inner Peace at this link.

What is healing? Healing happens when you address the five levels of your being that have been affected by trauma.

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