For the past four years, I’ve had the great privilege of providing medical intuitive readings for the Global Nurture Project, a healing collaborative in Costa Rica run by plant medicine facilitator Darin McBratney.

You can learn more about Darin McBratney and his life-changing work at his website

In this interview for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, Darin McBratney explains how to microdose with iboga.

What is iboga? Iboga is the strongest plant medicine in the world. You can read about its many healing properties at this link on Darin McBratney’s website.

Iboga can be used for healing purposes in two ways:

  • In plant medicine ceremonies where a person receives what is referred to as a flood dose
  • In microdoses, where a person takes small amounts daily, usually over a 20 day period

Iboga is commonly used as a natural healing remedy for addiction recovery, but is also a powerful healer for the brain and body as well as often used for psychospiritual exploration and spiritual growth.

Working with Darin McBratney and the Global Nurture Project over the past four years has been some of the most rewarding work I have ever done over my 28 years in natural healing.

Through the Global Nurture Project, I have provided medical intuitive readings for people working to recover from alcoholism, addiction to every sort of drug you can possibly imagine, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, head injuries, depression, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse, cancer and many other serious health challenges.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, it was easy for people from all over the world to travel to Costa Rica to work with Darin McBratney.

Now due to travel restrictions many people are choosing to microdose with iboga rather than attending in person plant medicine healing ceremonies.

Questions addressed in this interview include:

1. What is iboga?

2. What’s the different between a plant medicine ceremony with iboga and microdosing iboga? 

3. What are some of the reasons a person might prefer to microdose iboga than to participate in a plant medicine ceremony?

4. What is the right amount for microdosing iboga?

5. How long should someone be micro dosing?

6. What are the contraindications for who should absolutely not be micro dosing iboga?

7. What are the benefits for microdosing iboga?

8. What are the legalities about microdosing iboga – is it legal and where is it illegal to do so?

9. Are there any drugs that a person should not be taking while microdosing iboga?

10. Since iboga is a native plant in Gabon and iboga is part of the Bwiti tradition, do people in West Africa microdose?

11. How can microdosing iboga help a person overcome alcohol or drug addiction?

12. How long is it safe to microdose?

Before anyone goes to Costa Rica or microdoses with iboga, the first step of a client’s healing journey is to fill out a form and email a current photograph.

From this information, I spend anywhere between 1 hour and 1.5 hours prayerfully tuning into that person’s body and soul from my home office in Atlanta and then writing a medical intuitive reading.

You can read about my medical intuitive readings for the Global Nurture Project at this link:

Darin and I have worked together over time to create a format for my medical intuitive readings that amounts to an optimal health blueprint a client can use to become as healthy as possible. 

These readings include information about:

  • A person’s overall chi level
  • Their most stressed organ
  • Their toxicity level
  • Their inflammation level
  • Their physical body
  • Their energy body
  • Their emotional process
  • The thoughts, beliefs and mental challenges holding them back
  • A soul reading
  • Their ideal environment
  • How they need to eat to support their health
  • Supplements and natural healing remedies I recommend to  restore their health
  • Supportive therapies I recommend 
  • Exercise that will bring their body back into balance

These medical intuitive readings serve multiple purposes.

For one, the readings give each person a deeper and complete understanding of what is happening in what I refer to as the five levels of healing – their physical body, energy system, emotions, mind and soul.

Secondly, the readings give Darin and the team of healers he works with in Costa Rica an appreciation of the challenges each client is facing and explains how best to support each client on their healing journey.

These fellow healers include acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, organic food chefs, yoga teachers, breath work leaders, Reiki masters, addiction recovery coaches, massage therapists, craniosacral therapy practitioners, other plant medicine facilitators and plant medicine integration coaches.

Together we all work for the client’s highest good.

Moving forward, Darin McBratney will be assisted in plant medicine ceremonies by Isabelle Geniet and her mother Ursuvati Elena of

Ursuvati Elena has studied with shamans in the Altai Mountains of her native land of Siberia. She and her daughter Isabelle lived in Paris for many years before moving to Costa Rica to assist Darin McBratney.

Due to the shortages of high quality iboga, Darin McBratney plans to put his emphasis on growing iboga to create a sustainable crop of plant medicine for generations to come.

While I was visiting Costa Rica in 2018, Darin asked me to channel information from the iboga plants in his garden.

You can listen to the recordings of this channeled information at this link.

Although I have raised my own organic garden here in Atlanta for the past 21 years, it was a great honor for me to share information from this sacred plant to the people growing it for healing purposes.

The medical intuitive readings I have done over the past four years have also served as inspiration for my books.

In my 10th book Reading the Soul, I talked about many of the soul readings I have done for clients in Costa Rica and explained in detail what I look for when I read the spiritual level about where a person is on their soul journey in this lifetime.

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

My words can not adequately express how rewarding it has been for me to do these medical intuitive readings and to hear from clients afterwards about the profound benefits they have received from the Global Nurture Project.

Donna Ragona, a holistic veterinarian in Florida, just wrote on Youtube, “Just did and Iboga ceremony. My intention was to heal my depression and I have not felt an ounce of depression since the ceremony. My depression has been going on for several years and I never thought there could be an end or hope for healing. I am so grateful to Darin and Iboga.”

To set up an appointment for a medical intuitive reading or healing work, please email catherine@catherinecarrigan or call 678-612-8816. If you are calling internationally, please call me at the same number through WhatsApp so I can return your call toll free!