Earlier this year, a woman came to me because she wanted to be a medical intuitive.She said that people always asked her what was wrong with them, and she would know.

She herself was on antidepressants. Her business wasn’t doing all that well financially so she thought she might venture into the healing world to make some extra money. Did I know a few books that she could just read and get the gist of it ?

I advised her instead to go and make a treasure map so that she could envision what it is that she wants to create in her own life. That way she would have her own picture rather than trying to follow the road map for somebody else’s life.

What is unique about me is that I not only can understand what is wrong, I can figure out what will actually work to make someone better.

The average client who comes to see me has seen at least seven other practitioners – doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, chiropractors, nutritionists, naturopaths, body workers, acupuncturists, the Mayo Clinic, you name it.

Many years ago I remember reading a story about a man who wanted to become a healer.

He was advised to start with tomato plants.

He bought several tomato plants, but alas, he killed them all.

Finally, he was out someplace one day and ran into a cactus plant.

He figured it would be hard to kill so he put it in his hallway and spent time every day looking at it and appreciating it.

The cactus flourished.

In my view, there’s no sense trying to become a healer unless you actually love the people you are caring for.

Then you will notice all the little things that count.

You will listen attentively.