The easiest way to read the quality of energy in your chakras is with a pendulum.

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To learn more basic information about how you can use a pendulum to ask questions, you can watch this video on Youtube.


I can read not only your chakras but your physical body, your energy body, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual body to determine the source of your energy imbalance.

What you discover with a pendulum about the quality of energy in your chakras reveals a tremendous amount of valuable information about your physical health, psychic openness and experience of pain and suffering.

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The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, Number 1 in Seven Categories on Amazon

Your chakras are a vital part of your energy system.

When energy enters your body, this electrical current first enters the bahui acupuncture point on the crown of your head through your hara line, a vertical current that extends upwards and downwards, connecting you to the divine as well as grounding you into the earth.

Your hara line in turn feeds energy into your chakras, which are vortexes of energy corresponding to your endocrine glands.

There are seven major chakras and multiple minor chakra points throughout your energy field.

Your chakras feed your acupuncture meridians.

Your acupuncture meridians feed energy into your organs.

Lastly but not least, your organs feed energy into your muscles.

If you are experiencing a problem anywhere along this chain – whether it be your muscles, your organs or your acupuncture meridians, it all goes back to the quality of energy running through your chakras.

Keeping your chakras open and balanced is therefore key to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Here is how to read the quality of energy in your chakras:

Step One. Hold a pendulum in your dominant hand. Most pendulums have a small ball at the top followed by a chain and a small pointed object at the bottom. You can easily purchase a pendulum on the internet. I recommend all metal, or a pendulum with an amethyst or clear quartz crystal as other crystals tend to store energy. You want an instrument that can be kept clear. In a pinch, I will take off my necklace and simply use a necklace.

Step Two. Place the pendulum over the center of a chakra. For this example, let’s have you read the minor chakra in your non-dominant hand.

Step Three: On its own, the pendulum will begin a subtle motion. The motion you observe will indicate what is happening with that particular energy vortex.

Here are some options of what you may observe:

Closed: If the chakra is closed, your pendulum will not move.

Open: If the chakra is open, your pendulum will begin to move in a clockwise fashion.

Counterclockwise: This indicates your chakra is open but the energy in that particular chakra is moving backwards.

Over Energy: If the pendulum moves clockwise but extremely rapidly, that means your chakra is processing too much energy. This is not good because over energy always eventually leads to under energy.

Under Energy: If the pendulum moves clockwise but weakly, the chakra is open but is deficient in chi life force energy.

Erratic or Uneven Swing: If the pendulum moves but in an erratic or uneven swing, that indicates that the chakra is open but there is an imbalance, congestion or partial blockage in the chakra.

Your chakras interpenetrate your physical body, energy system, emotional body, ego-mind and spiritual self.

An imbalance on any layer may affect the quality of energy in your chakras and therefore the quality of every aspect of your well being.

Putting it very specifically, that means that your chakras can be affected by karma or unresolved spiritual issues, your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, any blockage or congestionin your energy system or physical malfunctions of your body.

Here is what you may be experiencing in each chakra:

If your 1st Chakra is Under Energy, you may experience:

Major illness or injury

Disconnection from the body

Fretful, anxious, can’t settle down

Poor focus, poor discipline

Financial problems

Poor boundaries

Chronic disorganization

If your 1st Chakra is Over Energy, you may experience:




Fear of change, addiction to security

Rigid boundaries

If the 2nd Chakra is Under Energy:

Rigid physical body and attitudes

Fear of sex

Poor social skills

Denial of pleasure

Excessive boundaries

Lack of desire, passion or excitement


If the 2nd Chakra is Over Energy:

Addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol

Mood swings

Excessive sensitivity

Overpowering, invasion of others

Emotional codependency

Obsessive attachments

If your 3rd Chakra is Under Energy:

Low energy

Weak willed, easily manipulated

Low self esteem

Poor digestion

Victim mentality

Poor me



Easily overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of others

If your 3rd Chakra is Over Energy:

Dominating, controlling, overly aggressive

Need to be right

Temper tantrums


Type A personality



If the 4th Chakra is Under Energy:

Withdrawn, cold, antisocial


Intolerant of self or others



Fear of intimacy

Lack of empathy


If the 4th Chakra is Over Energy:





Overly sacrificing

Giving too much

If the 5th Chakra is Under Energy:

Fear of speaking your mind

Small voice

Tone deaf

Shy, introverted

Difficulty putting your feelings into words

If the 5th Chakra is Over Energy:

Talk too much

Unable to listen or understand


Dominating voice

You interrupt others

If your 6th Chakra is Under Energy:


Poor vision

Poor memory

Difficulty seeing the future or alternatives

Lack of imagination

Difficulty visualizing

Can’t remember dreams

Denial—can’t see what’s really going on

If your 6th Chakra is Over Energy:




Difficulty concentrating


If your 7th Chakra is Under Energy:


Spiritual cynicism

Learning difficulties

Rigid belief systems


If your 7th Chakra is Over Energy:

Over intellectual

Spiritual addiction


Disassociation from the body

I use a pendulum if I am practicing energy healing or Reiki.

I simply read the energy throughout the chakra system and that qualitative information gives me a good idea where I need to bring balance throughout your mind-body system.

If you have been feeling unwell, a good place to start to begin to understand why is to read your own chakras.

Once you identify where the problem is, the solution will become self evident.

Set up an appointment for me to read your chakras and balance your mind body system with energy medicine. It’s easy, relaxing and a great stress reliever. Call 678-612-8816 or email me at to understand more.