One of my great joys as a medical intuitive healer is to teach you how to heal yourself.

When you know what to do to heal yourself, you feel empowered rather than trapped or hopeless when you experience the inevitable aches and pains of life.

One of the simplest energy healing techniques to relieve pain is acupuncture meridian tracing.

You do not have to be a Reiki master, acupuncturist, acupressure expert or any kind of energy healer to be able to do this technique effectively.

You can get rid of your own pain anytime, anywhere – no drugs, no natural healing remedies, no expensive doctor visits – just you clearing your own energy.

Your Acupuncture Meridians

Your Acupuncture Meridians


How does this work?

Whenever you experience pain anywhere in your body, you are experiencing a disruption of the chi flow in your energy system.

It could be a block on a specific acupuncture meridian.

You may be experiencing congestion in a number of meridians.

Either way, you can turn to acupuncture meridian tracing for drug-free relief.

Central Meridian

Governing Meridian


Here’s how to perform this simple technique:

  1. Study the charts above.
  2. Pick an acupuncture meridian. I like to start this technique with the Central meridian because it brings energy to your brain and your eyes. The Central meridian starts in the center of your pubic bone and comes up to the middle of the bottom of your lower lip.
  3. Trace the meridian in the direction of the natural flow. Your Central meridian needs to be traced UP. Touch the beginning of the meridian and gently trace one to two inches away from the body towards the end of the meridian. Repeat 3 times.
  4. Then trace the Governing meridian, which needs to be traced DOWN. Touch your tail bone in the back and trace one to two inches away from the body over your head to the middle of your top lip. Repeat 3 times.
  5. Now trace the other meridians one at a time. Your other acupuncture meridians are bilateral, which means they occur on both your right and left sides.
  6. Yang meridians need to be traced DOWN, while Yin meridians need to be traced UP.
  7. Take your right hand and touch the beginning of the meridian on the left side of your body. Trace three times.
  8. Now repeat the process with your left hand touching the beginning the meridian on your right side. Trace three times.
  9. Once you have traced all the other meridians, I recommend you trace the Central and Governing meridians again to balance the primary yin and yang energies in your body.

In general, I recommend tracing each meridian at least three times.

If you feel heaviness, congestion, throbbing or other signs of discomfort, you may trace any particular meridian more frequently until you experience relief.

Traditionally you touch the beginning of the meridian but your hands may pass gently away from your physical body as your energy body generally extends one to three inches outside your skin.

Notice how you feel lighter and more balanced as you continue.

Breathe and relax.

When I do a medical intuitive reading for you, I may recommend acupuncture tracing as a typical piece of homework for self care.

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What is healing? Healing happens when you learn how to trace your own acupuncture meridians.