Most of our lives can feel pretty disconnected these days.

Even if we attend church, synagogue or some other spiritual activity on a regular basis, it can feel difficult to translate the attitudes and lessons that we learn there into our every day lives.

We go to work, then we go home to our families or we live alone as single people and the two places – work and home – feel separate.

In addition to this disconnect between whatever our spiritual tradition is with how we make a living and the homes that we actually live in, there is a lot of rushing that goes on.

In Atlanta where I live, you can drive down the interstate and almost nobody is following the speed limit.

It is much more usual for people to be speeding, and while they are speeding, everybody is talking on their cell phone and God knows what else simultaneously while they are driving.

In all the rushing that goes on between the three primary activities in our lives – our spiritual community, our work community and our home life – there is not a lot of time for self reflection.

We disconnect our spiritual selves at work in order to get things done or meet the demands of the people we work for.

Forget ethics and morals – it seems there is one set of rules in our spiritual lives and another set of rules at work.

We disconnect our work life from our home life, and often the two seem at odds with one another.

Is our work life ruining our home life?

What if your home life ruins your work life, then are you going to lose your job?

You get where I am going with this.

It feels like we have separate personalities almost – one for our spiritual, one for our career and yet another for our home.

All this eventually takes its toll and people can end up not knowing who they are, what their purpose is, where they fit in.

One of the primary reasons yoga works is flow.

When we practice yoga, we begin to connect our spiritual self with our practical self with our true feelings.

How does this happen?

When we get the postures right, our energy starts to flow better.

When our energy flows better, the different chakras in our body begin to open, begin to balance.

Suddenly our crown chakra, which has to do with our spiritual body, energetically connects to our root chakra, which has to do with money.

We discover unconsciously that we can be spiritual and make a living at the same time.

As the energy connects even further down to our feet, we are grounded and rediscover our inner strength. We are practical.

As the energy connects, we open to our second chakra, our personal power, and our third chakra, our feelings.

All of us suddenly becomes available, online, relevant.

Instead of disconnecting from one aspect of our personality to another, we rediscover our wholeness and flow easily between aspects of who we are.