There has been so much rain in my garden this summer, it hasn’t been as much of a triumph as per usual.

Petunias don’t like to get their feet wet.

I have a few purple petunias trailing over the stone wall in my back garden, but considering that last year the area looked like a Kentucky Derby winner’s blanket – petunias draping over the wall like a giant floral banner – I find myself comparing with disappointment.

My apple blossom double begonias by the blue jar fountain outside my studio are hanging on but their leaves are a bit moldy.

I want a refund! It has rained practically every day.

Nowhere in my summer manual does it say that we are supposed to get this much rain.

One of the big health factors here in Atlanta is mold. The relative humidity is so high that our homes are prone to mold growth, which is a major adverse factor.

I highly recommend you go to Amazon and spend about $10 to get yourself an Acurite humidity monitor.

Mold can affect so many health issues you would be amazed to find out about them all – not only allergies and respiratory problems but general toxicity, mood disorders, skin problems, vision and eye problems, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, dizziness, anxiety and depression and more. Because mold adds to your total load, it can even be a factor in cancer. You can find out more about how mold can affect your health at this link

Several years ago I hired Shumate Mechanical to install a dehumidifier in my house. It wasn’t cheap -about $4,000 – but it was one of the best things I have ever done for my health.

Get yourself a humidity monitor and find out if your indoor humidity at home is over 50 percent. If it is, you have a problem.

The solution is to get a professional company to come out and inspect your house and install a dehumidifier if necessary.

You may pay for the dehumidifier and possible higher electric bills but end up saving mega bucks in the long run on your health.

Remember, environment is the most powerful factor in your health. The simplest natural healing remedy is to keep your home clean and clear, which means paying attention to your humidity if you live in the South where it is wet and hot.