Many people start the new year by establishing goals for themselves.

I do things a bit differently.

My New Year’s goals are usually somewhat the same – to become even happier, healthier, wealthier, to grow spiritually and to have lots of fun.

But what I do differently is ask myself, “What are the top 5 things in each area that I can DO?”

This weekend, I talked with my coach, Sue Maes, and she helped me use kinesiology to muscle test the top things that I can DO to move forward in each area.

I had a lot of areas I checked for:


Spiritual Growth






This is critical point analysis. Rather than having general goals, like most people do, I like to ask myself what I can actually DO that will make the most difference in each area.

This saves me a lot of time because rather than flailing about in a hundred different directions, I know how to focus my energy on the critical pieces that will make the most difference.


For example, some of the top things I can do for my health include:

Take B12

Take Core Level Adrenal, 2 a day for 60 days

Have more fun


For my business:

Keep writing my blog

Ask my clients for referrals

Keep my energy clear


For my spiritual growth:


Call on St. Michael to help me stand in my power and keep my energy protected

Wash my hands after each client to clear any lower vibrations that I may have picked up

Take a specific seminar by the end of the year


Everybody is unique, so although these may or may not sound like a good idea to you, what will make the MOST difference for you to be happier, healthier, wealthier, to grow spiritually and have more fun may be entirely different.

That is where kinesiology comes in.

This is a very intelligent way of approaching your goals because you focus on action steps.

A goal may include 1,000 steps, but the key is to ask yourself what are the most important steps for you to take right now.

Set up an appointment with me to use kinesiology to find the top things YOU can do to achieve your goals. It’s simple, easy and fun – you will surprise yourself to find out how much easier it is to achieve your goals this way.