You’ve tried the 21-day juice cleanse you bought off the internet. You work with a personal trainer, know all about paleo and have experimented with cutting out gluten, alcohol, sugar, dairy, fat and carbohydrates.

It seems there is little left to eat except chicken and broccoli and still you struggle with your weight.

Could psychological reversal be getting in your way? 

Psychological reversal is an inner phenomenon.

If you’ve got it, you can feel the inner conflict keeping you in a constant state of stress but nobody on the outside can tell what’s really bugging you.

Psychological reversal occurs when part of your brain wants one thing and the other side of your brain has something entirely different in mind.

Let me give you an example from working with a client this week.

Like me, my client works in the field of natural health and has esteemed credentials. 

Despite her professional degree, years of experience and depth of knowledge she too struggles with her weight.

Up until the age of 12, her mother and father constantly told her she was too thin. Too skinny. And for God’s sake, please eat more. She was even forced to drink liquid protein supplements to try to make her gain weight, which of course now make it virtually impossible for her to drink smoothies.

Now as an adult she wants to achieve her ideal size but her inner desire to be smaller runs smack against years of childhood programming to get bigger and bigger.

When you were born, the doctors weighed you.

Often the child gets the message that you were too small or, on the other hand, too big.

The true concern our parents felt gets easily and actually programmed into us at a deep psychological level.

Then, as an adult, after years of following your inner programming, you find yourself wanting to go against everything mommy and daddy felt, scolded you about and insisted that you do unless you wanted to face their consequences.

Psychological reversal is a healing technique developed by Roger Callahan, a psychologist who founded Thought Field Therapy.

When I’m using this natural healing technique to clear a client’s issues I follow this protocol:

  1. Identify the issue you are psychologically reversed about. In my client’s case, part of her brain wanted to be smaller and part of her brain wanted to be bigger. This inner conflict kept her stuck at her current weight no matter what she ate or how much she exercised. 
  2. Find the emotion that’s keeping you stuck. Most often, when you suffer from psychological reversal, there are layers upon layers of emotions. Often you were operating by one set of instructions at one age before you were told you suddenly had to do something else. I have to clear one layer at a time before we can uncover the next layer.
  3. Find the acupuncture meridian that’s being affected.
  4. You perform a series of eye rotation while I’m tapping the acupuncture points affected. I add in breathing techniques so that your whole mind, body and spirit can integrate the changes.
  5. You affirm that despite your conflict you deeply and profoundly love and accept, appreciate and respect yourself. 
  6. Then I check for the next layer upon layer upon layer until both sides of your brain want the same positive thing. 

Challenges with your weight are one of the most common places where you may find yourself struggling with psychological reversal.

I use this natural healing technique to clear many other challenges.

Health. Money. Success.

I frequently use psychological reversal with clients who are trying to stop smoking, another behavioral challenge where part of you may truly want to be healthy while another part of your brain quite literally wants to destroy you. 

Many people may want to be healthy but they find subconscious payoffs for staying sick. I discuss these secondary gains at length in two of my books, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness and The Difference Between Pain and Suffering.

If you have been struggling to be healthy for years you may want to find out if psychological reversal holds you back from complete healing.

You may also find yourself stuck at a certain income level and unable to earn the money you feel you truly deserve. Could psychological reversal be holding you back from moving ahead in your career to the level of success you crave?

Your thoughts and beliefs control your emotions. 

Your emotions control your energy.

And your energy system controls what’s really going on in your physical body.

When you find yourself stuck, don’t just try yet another diet or somebody else’s formula for success. Find out what’s really going on inside your own head and clear the blocks where they actually lie.

What is healing? Healing happens when you face and clear your own psychological reversal.

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