This past week, I worked with a client in California who has been making himself sick by taking natural healing remedies.

His naturopath had recommended he take oral chelation.

Oral chelation is a process of taking nutritional supplements by mouth that are meant to bind to heavy metals in the body.

The client does indeed have high levels of heavy metals in his body but he is highly stressed and exhausted after going through an emotionally draining divorce.

My client has felt so awful since taking the oral chelation he has been unable to go to work on many days of the week and is even more depressed than he felt since before taking the supplements, on top of which he has whole-body shaking.

Here’s the rub.

Even if you need to detoxify your body, even if you know you are toxic and medical tests confirm that you have high levels of heavy metals, you must open your channels of detoxification before you do so or you will simply make yourself sick to the point of being non functional.

“My symptoms seem to be getting worse,” my client emailed me. “I have extreme fatique in my legs to go along with all the other symptoms. It’s been very difficult the past few days, not sure what is going on with me…”

You have four primary organs of detoxification:

  • Your large intestine
  • Your kidneys
  • Your liver
  • Your skin

If your large intestine, kidneys, liver or skin are under functioning and you force your body to try to detoxify, you can feel really, really, really, really awful.

Did I make myself clear?

Just because you are taking a “natural” supplement does not mean that it is A good for you or B that your body is ready to process that supplement at this time.

If you are already stressed and exhausted, your body’s organs will be under functioning to begin with.

Throw a bunch of detoxification supplements on top of that and you will find yourself barely able to think straight because your organs can not fully eliminate what you are asking them to let go of.

Here’s a couple of thoughts to digest if you really want to detoxify:

  1. Make sure your large intestine, kidneys, liver and skin are working optimally before you engage in detoxification. If you are unsure, call me at 678-612-8816 or email me at and make an appointment for a medical intuitive reading to see if your channels are open.
  2. Even when you do detoxify, you must support both phases of detoxification in the liver. About 40 percent of all humans (that includes you if you are reading this) have impaired phase II detoxification in the liver. Detoxification is a highly nutritionally demanding process. You can’t just starve yourself, you need specific nutrients for all phases to work. I like Biodetox, which you can order at my webstore, because it is very gentle and effective and supports all phases of detoxification. This is probably the most popular of all the products I private label because people feel better and better while taking it.
  3. If you are getting sick from your detox, you are probably doing it all wrong even if a so-called professional gave you the supplements.
  4. You do not have to get sick and experience severe die-off symptoms in order to get well. If you are working with someone who actually knows what they are doing, you will simply feel better and better as you go along.
  5. You can’t detoxify your body while imbibing large quantities of alcohol. I had a client years ago who was drinking more than 14 alcoholic beverages a week. She was surprised when she asked my help to detoxify and I told her she would not be able to do so while continuing her current level of intoxication. Technically, if you take in more than 14 alcoholic beverages per week that qualifies you to be an alcoholic in case you were wondering.
  6. If you are drinking alcohol, smoking or taking illegal drugs (use your imagination here about what this might include) your first step in detoxification would be to go on the wagon. Stop putting toxic substances into your body in the first place.
  7. I have helped many clients detoxify safely and easily without feeling shakey, depressed, exhausted, weepy, nonfunctional or unable to go to work.

What is healing? Healing happens when you make friends with your body, not forcing it to do what it is not yet ready to do.