One of my recent new clients has had skin problems so bad that her lower legs turned black.


She had spent a small fortune at a supposedly holistic integrated medical clinic, but was no better. She had been planning to visit her old kinesiologist in New York, but after hearing about me, she decided to save herself the price of a plane ticket and became my client.


Although there were definitely physical issues going on, one major factor that was affecting her was that she was not keeping her energy field clear.


It is a law of physics that any time you have a vertical electrical current there is a magnetic field perpendicular to that.


This is known as your energy field or aura.


When we are healthy, our energy field is crystal clear and may extend many feet in diameter away from us.

This morning, my energy field is probably about 102 feet in diameter.

An average person, their energy field may extend about 8 feet in diameter.

One of the reasons that my energy field has expanded is that I practice qi gong, which both clears the field and expands it.


This energy field has been mapped at various hospitals. Your EKG can be read up about 8 feet away from you. The Institute of HeartMath has done research with people in nature and found that your emotions, both positive and negative, affect not only living things like trees, flowers and grass but also inanimate objects like rocks as far as 50 feet away from you.


In plain English, you affect your environment and your environment affects you.


I am always saying that environment is the most powerful factor in our health, which is why I am such a big fan of feng shui. You could walk into my office any day of the week and feel instantly better before I even put my hands on you. The space is filled with orchids. The floor-length windows bring in natural sunlight. The view looks out at my gardens and trees and a beautiful fountain.


Many people – in fact most people – are not aware of how much their environment affects their mood, their health and their energy level. And even people who have heard about feng shui are often not aware of how to clear their energy field.


You need to clear your energy field if you have been in any of the following situations:

Highly charged emotional situations, such as arguments

Any sick or unhealthy building, such as a hospital



High electromagnetic fields, such as a computer or phone store or office filled with multiple computers, cell phones and microwaves

Long, boring meetings where your attention has wandered.


There are many others, of course. My client with skin problems works in the bereavement industry. Most of the people she talks with every day have lost a relative who died. She had not only been experiencing severe skin issues that were not alleviated by medications, she had also been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


Clearing your field is also crucial for being able to receive clear psychic information. If your field is congested with energies other than your own, you will not be a clear and perfect channel.


Here is a summary of a simple technique you can follow to clear your field:


Stand up and close your eyes. Look, feel and sense your energy field. You may see colors. You may feel energies.

Then visualize yourself pushing your own energy outwards extending at least eight feet from you.

When you are done, reverse the polarity and visualize yourself letting in beneficial energy. You could imagine yourself receiving love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, tolerance and self control.

Take a moment to feel the difference, to notice what it feels like to be in your own energy.


When our field is congested, we can end up processing energies that we have taken on through our physical body. Particularly the liver and kidneys may be affected. If the liver and kidneys are congested, our skin may manifest any number of problems.


You can take a moment to clear your energy field every morning and when you come home from work. You will feel much lighter and happier as a result.