Join my friend Maxine Taylor Saturday and Sunday June 3 and 4 for a weekend workshop to learn astrology from Georgia’s first licensed astrologer.

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What: Star Camp

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What You Will Learn: Star Camp is unique in that it teaches participants how to interpret and forecast the birth chart using their own charts and the charts of their loved ones. For privacy reasons, participants are asked not to record anything discussed during these courses.

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta Perimeter Center 1501 Lake Hearn Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30319 (404) 459-0500

Cost: $800 for both days with early registration by April 29, or $425 for one day. $900 for both days after April 30, or $475 for one day.

Who: Maxine Taylor has a stellar reputation in the field of astrology. Her tireless efforts with Georgia legislators to legitimize astrology resulted in its legalization in Atlanta in 1970. Since then, Maxine’s list of outstanding achievements has grown considerably. She has published several books, given talks, taught astrology and much more. No stranger to international media, Maxine has been featured in distinguished professional publications and has had numerous appearances on radio and television, most notably as CNN’s on-air astrologer and as a guest on The Larry King Show.

Day 1 – Saturday, June 3rd

Interpreting the Birth Chart

This course is designed for the person who wants to learn how to read a birth chart. The only requirement is a simple understanding of all twelve signs and the planets that rule them.

Topics Covered:

 Planets In Houses
 Planets In Signs
 Aspects Between Planets  Solar Charts
 Hidden Messages

Each student will receive a copy of their own birth chart as well as the charts of their friends/loved ones, which they will use to learn chart interpretation.

Day 2 – Sunday, June 4th

Forecasting the Birth Chart

This course is designed for the person who knows how to read a birth chart and is ready to learn how to forecast it. An ephemeris will be provided to each student for this course.

Topics Covered:

 Transits
 Progressions
 Soul’s Progress Chart  Solar Returns
 Chart Comparisons

Each student will receive a copy of their own progressed chart as well as those of their friends/loved ones, which they will use to learn forecasting.

You may have seen my good friend Maxine Taylor interview me numerous times on her Youtube channel.

Based in Atlanta, Maxine Taylor is a true visionary with over forty-five years of experience in spiritual work. She is an internationally-known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author. One of her greatest gifts is the ability to awaken people to the truth of who they are and empower them to transform their lives.

Maxine’s mission in life has been to uncover spiritual truth and apply it to the practical aspects of living. She has devoted herself to sharing her wisdom and experience with others to assist them in leading more successful, fulfilling lives.

To email Maxine to set up an appointment, please click here or call her at (678) 403-8323.