What if there was a set of natural healing tools you could use for FREE anytime, anywhere to feel dramatically better in a very short period of time?

I now present you with The Little Book of Breathwork, my ninth book. To order your copy, please click here for a paperback, ebook or audiobook.

What if in any given moment of personal distress you don’t have access in any given moment to a therapist, a healer, a coach, a doctor or even a friend or loved one.

You don’t need to buy anything, take a pill, legal or illegal, travel to a far-away guru, lose weight, follow a vigorous exercise routine, drink strange colored juices, stop your bad habits, learn to recite spiritual texts or change any fundamental aspect of who you already are.

Even if you don’t feel like talking about what is really bothering you, you can alleviate your depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, breathing difficulties, worry and negative emotions naturally.

The Little Book of Breathwork, Available in Audiobook, Paperback and Ebook

The Little Book of Breathwork, Available in Audiobook, Paperback and Ebook

The Little Book of Breathwork is a handbook you can use to learn breathing exercises, affirmations and hand mudras.

What motivated me to write this book was a sincere desire to share free and powerful tools.

In my 26 years of full time work in natural healing, I have learned many amazing techniques and have access to a wide range of natural healing remedies.

These all cost money.

You either have to pay for sessions with me or another practitioner, buy a supplement, flower essence, herb, homeopathic remedy, do a lab test, commit yourself to regular exercise, learn how to feed yourself better or adopt some other form of self improvement that costs you time and money.

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The Little Book of Breath Work is a handbook you can use anytime, anywhere to lower your stress naturally for FREE. 
What you will learn:
  • How to use breathing exercises to reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, asthma, pain, sleep apnea and breathing problems.
  • Affirmations to uplift your soul.
  • Hand gestures called mudras you can use to increase your inner peace, emotional balance, creativity and grounding.
Author Catherine Carrigan has taught yoga and breath work for 24 years. In her work as a medical intuitive healer, she teaches people how to heal themselves naturally without drugs.

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While many people have practiced various kinds of breathing exercises, and millions of people are aware of the power of affirmations and hand mudras have been used worldwide for thousands of years, I show you how to put all three together for rapid, powerful personal healing.
Even people who have practiced yoga for decades are frequently not familiar with the power of these easy hand positions. The paperback and ebook versions include photographs you can follow to learn the hand mudras.
Darin McBratney, owner of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa, has this to say about The Little Book of Breath Work:
“This book is not breathtaking, it is breath giving. Some people think breathing is done with your lungs. Catherine makes it very clear that breathing comes from your entire being.”
Linga Mudra: Immunity Catherine Carrigan

Author Catherine Carrigan demonstrating Linga Mudra, a hand gesture designed to boost your immune system.

The Little Book of Breathwork is divided into five sections:


Many people do not know that I got into health and fitness as a result of being diagnosed with asthma when I was 30 years old. My lungs were so stressed I would get out of breath walking across a flat parking lot. A medical doctor gave me steroid inhalers, which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. Doctors can now find no trace of the asthma I suffered for years.


Learn the 10 principles of enlightened breathwork. You breathe so often that you probably never considered whether you are taking full advantage of the power right under your nose. As you understand the thought processes behind empowered breathing you can increase your personal energy while feeling calm and centered.


This is a routine I developed years ago to empower my clients to shift out of stress and tension in a rapid period of time.


Although millions of people practice yoga, far fewer are aware of simple hand gestures you can use to channel healing energy. All your acupuncture meridians begin in either your hands or feet. I teach you how to position your hands and fingers to activate these mudras. Even if you don’t feel like practicing a few sun salutes at 2 a.m. you can use hand mudras to shift your energy in a rapid period of time. Learn affirmations that correspond with each mudra so that you connect body, mind and spirit.


Learn how to create your own personal breathing program. Even if you have just five minutes at the beginning and end of every day, connecting with your breath can reduce your need for medication or natural healing remedies and allow you to experience a deep state of bliss.

Kapittha Mudra: Happiness Catherine Carrigan

Author Catherine Carrigan demonstrates Kapittha Mudra, a hand gesture designed to increase the frequency of happiness.


As an author and medical intuitive healer, I am motivated to sharing what works in natural healing.
My heart goes out to people all over the world who are wanting solutions for their pain and suffering.
One of the groups of people who motivated me the most as I wrote this book is teenagers.
Many teens do not have the coping skills of their parents. Teenagers feel easily overwhelmed by the stress of growing up and often do not wish to discuss what’s really bothering them.
If I could teach teens how to use simple breathing, affirmations and hand mudras, I could give them a tool to make themselves feel dramatically better.
But of course it’s not just teenagers who need to put together this information – we all need simple, FREE tools.
My prayer in writing this book is that this information will reach the hands of all those who need it most.
On a personal level, I begin every day with prayer, breathwork, meditation and gratitude.
Through these spiritual practices I set my intention to raise my vibration so that I may serve for the highest good of all.
After praying, breathing, meditating and feeling how grateful I am for all the blessings of my life, I ask for guidance about what to do – how am I supposed to serve for the highest good?
My guidance told me for over a year to write this beautiful little book.
As I was editing the final versions, I went through a period of unexpected stress. Every time I read The Little Book of Breathwork, I noticed that I felt better and better.
It is my prayer that you, too, find this little book as powerful and beautiful as I have!

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A great book can not be accomplished without an amazing team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who put The Little Book of Breathwork together for you. If you are an author wanting to find a great group of folks to help you, click on the link for those who have websites and please tell them I referred you!
What is healing? Healing happens when you learn how to breathe through all your life’s challenges, shifting your mindset with positive affirmations and balancing your energy with hand mudras.
If you enjoy The Little Book of Breathwork, please leave a review and share how these powerful natural healing practices have empowered you. Order a paperback, ebook or audiobook at this link. 

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