Lots of people want to learn how to read energy.

This is a very usefull skill.

For example, even if I don’t know anything about a subject – say, roofing contractors, or how to remove bats from a house – I can use this skill to read the energy on people or businesses and use that information to select the best people or company to help me or my clients.

Most people’s lives are one big accident after the other because they don’t understand how to use their discernment.


Before you can become intuitive about anything or anybody else, you have to learn how to read your own energy.


Many people’s energy, mood and emotions fluctuate like the tides. They are up. They are down. They are in. They are out.


On top of all that, they don’t really understand if they are up why they are up, or if they are down, what are the critical factors that they actually have control over as to why that is the case.


It’s as if their whole lives happen by accident, and when something goes wrong, there must be a pill for that.


Everyone and everything has an energy field.

That means you do too.

It’s a law of physics that any time you have a vertical electrical current, you also have a magnetic field perpendicular to it.

That means, since if you are reading this you most likely were born with two legs, you have an energy field that surrounds you horizontally.


When people have depleted chi, their energy field contracts around the body.


If you practice energy exercise, with my top choices being No. 1 qi gong, No. 2 tai chi and No. 3 yoga, your energy field actually expands.

That is a good thing.

You can become more sensitive.

You can become more aware of the world around you.

You can also become more energetically balanced, which means you will not be all over the map with how you feel.


The reason you will want to become very clear about what your energy is like is so that you will be able to differentiate your energy field, your emotions, your body and your issues from other people.


This morning, a client of mine sent me an email.

“Is it normal to hear pops and clicks when I roll my shoulders?” she asked.


I laughed inside (in a good way), and emailed her back.

“Congratulations! You are actually listening to your body.”


An easy way to start is by paying attention to your physical body. Your body is the most dense aspect of your energy field, and is the road map for how successfully (or not) you have been navigating this other energy field we call life.


Once you get a clue about a few things that are happening with your physical body, you can start to expand your awareness beyond that. Even if you have never heard of energy anatomy, your chakras, the acupuncture system, etc., you can certainly have a sense of how much energy you currently seem to be experiencing. Do you feel tired? Sluggish? Feeling like you want to run around the block?


Then tune in to your emotions. Women tend to be better at this than men, with the exception that they sometimes have moments when they feel they are their emotions. Only two year olds are truly full embodiments of their emotions. You can go to my website, www.totalfitness.net, and download a FREE chart that can help you. Go to this link: http://www.totalfitness.net/radio_show_free.htm

and print out the file No. 9, Emotions and your health. It’s a good place to start. As you pick out your emotions from the list of five elements, you can begin to connect how those particular feelings may be affecting specific organs in your body. Anger, for example, may be affecting your liver. Low self esteem may be affecting your lungs. Fear may be ruling your kidneys.


Then sense what is happening to your mind. Your intellect. Now many people’s minds are like a TV set, just playing whatever channel they happen to be tuned in to at any moment. This may be true with you as well. Nevertheless, notice your self talk, the stories you are telling yourself. That’s a great place to begin.


And finally, tune in to your soul. Soul level fulfillment is part of being truly satisfied and happy in your life. Lots of things can be going wrong, but if your soul feels good, you can float above the rest of it. On the other hand, many people are truly fatigued at the soul level. They are tired with their lives.


Once you have read your own energy it will be easier for you to be neutral when you are reading other people’s energy.