I took this photo the day before Christmas.

My brother had taken my little niece and me fishing at the family farm he now owns.

It was a clear day, not a cloud in the sky.

The field next to the pond where we were fishing was full of sunflowers.

I took my iphone and took maybe 20 photos of the sunflowers, and then I turned and saw the light in the field.


I have taken numerous photos of angels around my home and studio.

This was the first series of photos like this that I have taken outside of my home and studio.


I wish I could show you the camera roll from my iphone because it’s quite remarkable. Sunflower, sunflower, sunflowers, BOOM.


I emailed them to my friends who are healers and the verdict is unanimous.

“Your angels are following you around,” they say.


As I saw the light, I kept snapping and took a total of eight photos just like this one.

Then I turned and took a photo of another wildflower blooming close to the ground.


Somehow, I personally need all this affirmation.

I channel my angels virtually every day and I write down in my journals what I hear. They give me guidance and advance warning about many subjects I would have no other way of knowing about.


Being able to see them in photographs still astonishes even me.


Photo: South Carolina sunflower field, Dec. 24, 2011.