People are always asking me, a medical intuitive healer, how they can be more intuitive.

I covered this subject in depth in my book Unlimited Intuition Now (,aps,141&sr=8-1).

If you don’t like to read you can listen to the audiobook.

But people still keep asking me as if I haven’t already done my best to explain.

So let me tell you a story…

Let’s say you ask your very best friend for heartfelt guidance about a subject that’s been troubling you.


You’re confused.

You don’t know which way to go.


And she opens her soul to you and gives you her very best advice.

You listen all ears and then the very next day you go out and do the opposite of what she advises.


How do you think she will react the next time you ask for guidance?

Do you think she will take her time to explain to you at length as clearly as she did?

Do you think she might just roll her eyes and think to herself, “Why bother? You dont listen to me anyway.”


The other day I was doing a medical intuitive reading and I found that the client was doing something we’ve all been guilty of.


She was doing something – smoking one cigarette every day – even though she knew better and I knew she knew that she knew better.

It wasn’t a big deal but it was a big clue about the true crux of her issue with her intuition.


Who amongst us hasn’t eaten that cookie, had one more drink than we knew we should, stepped over that line even though it was painted bright red?

When you want to increase your intuition one critical step is to live by the spirit not just hear it.


You can either live by the spirit or live through your little self. Your ego wants you to believe that you are smart enough to be in control, not God.


Even though I make a living as a medical intuitive healer I consider myself to be just like everybody else.


I stumble.

I get perplexed.

I make so many mistakes I wonder about myself.


I wonder which way to go in life and sometimes even when I receive very clear guidance I doubt myself.


But one key aspect I have learned is that if I don’t act on my inner guidance it stops working all that well.


I could tell you stories that might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

In London in 2005, I was scheduled to see 10 clients at a clinic hosted by a friend.


The day before I called up and cancelled.


I had no reason, no proof. I just listened to my intuition and it clearly said cancel.


All the people who had rearranged their lives to meet me in person were probably pretty upset until terrorists blew up the subway on July 7, 2005, and 52 people died and 700 others were injured.


I wasn’t on the subway that morning and hopefully none of the others who were scheduled to travel into the city to see me were either.


Sometimes listening can quite literally be a matter of life or death.


In 2019 I kept receiving guidance to write a book about breathing.


“Who will read an entire book about breathing?” I argued back.


Arguing back is ok. Like that cigarette, one too many cookies or extra drink, who hasn’t told spirit they aren’t in the mood to listen?


Finally I listened.


I wrote The Little Book of Breathwork and even before the pandemic of 2020 I immediately understood why I had to write that book – friendly, easy to understand, accessible, simple and practical to apply to your every day life (,aps,129&sr=8-3).

It made me happy during the pandemic that I could give the book away to people in 17 different countries and do something to alleviate the worldwide panic and difficulty breathing that comes from suffering COVID-19.

In 2022 Esquire magazine honored The Little Book of Breathwork as one of the best wellness books of all time (


But forget matters of life and death.


What about you?


When you ask for guidance and do not follow the promptings of your spirit that still small voice starts to get quieter and quieter.


You may even wonder if you are still being guided at all or ever were in the first place.


It’s not enough for us to hear, to know, to feel and to see the truth as spirit reveals itself to us.


Spirit requires our courage to act.

I can remember one morning years ago going down to my healing room.

It was one of the most beautiful mornings I can ever remember in a place that I can only describe as magical.

Overnight the snow had softly hit the ground.

Looking out through the orchids in my window I could see the sun rise through the trees.


“Your life as you know it is over,” I heard that still small voice share with me.


A few months later I asked my husband for divorce.

The message could not have been delivered any more beautifully or any more kindly or carefully as spirit never instills fear, only an inner knowing.


A regular habit of mine is to call in my angels one by one and then simply to open a page in my journal and write at the top “Guardian Angels Speak.”

I write down what I hear and because I have a written record I can go back months later and re-read.


The habit of paying attention instills confidence that I can trust.


And you can too.

As you pray from your heart and soul get clear from the very beginning that you mean not just to ask and not just to hear but to act.

In so doing your intuition will unfold with greater strength.


“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5