Recently I got a new client who had been sick since the day he was born.

He was referred to me by Rochel Parker of Feng Shui Atlanta.

How they got together was very interesting.

My client had heard about feng shui, and his mother had made a call to Rochel.

My client was so frustrated one day he went out into his front yard, looked up at the sky, and said, “Dear God, Please help ME!”

At that very next moment, the phone rang, and it was Rochel.


Rochel came to his home, took one look around, and said, “You have got to call Catherine.”


When he came to me, this individual was one of the sickest clients I had ever had. You name it, it was wrong with him.

When he first lay on my table, I saw that his spine was so twisted I was amazed he had even been walking around.

He had tried everything. Energy healing. Homeopathy. Chiropractic. Acupuncture. Multiple psychiatric medications. He had been in a mental hospital briefly. Medical doctors of every variety. Shamans. He was at the end of his rope and near the end of his money.


“You have a Ph.D. now in what doesn’t work,” I told him.


“Those other systems just weren’t comprehensive enough,” he told me. “Other people could make me emotionally better, but you are the first person who could make me physically better.”


I did a medical intuitive reading, and I knew I needed to go to his house.

Even though Rochel the feng shui expert had already visited, I just knew I needed to go there myself.


As you can imagine, I don’t usually go to clients houses.


I didn’t need actually to go to his home, as I already knew what was wrong and explained it to him in great detail, but I wanted to see for myself just how bad it was.




I called Rochel after I visited. I could not believe he had been living there.


I told my client that 65 percent of what was wrong with him was that he had a severe mold infestation in his house.


He and I worked together and he made dramatic progress. His back stopped hurting. He could walk down the street. He had more energy than he had ever had. He could think more clearly and he was no longer catastrophically depressed. He could take full breaths again. His energy came back, and being a young man, he measured it in only the way a young man would – he challenged himself to do full body pull ups. When he started with me, he was lucky if he could manage one full body pull up. Just this week, he told me he could do 110 full body pull ups in one day, which I would never recommend anybody actually bother to do, but for him, it was a great measure of his progress and new vitality.


“You have no idea how excellent that is,” I told him this week.


We worked together and I used my intuitive gifts to help him find the very best mold removal experts. He didn’t need the cheapest mold guys – he needed the true experts who were not going to mess around or rip him off.


Finally the mold was removed this week.


“The mold guys were totally grossed out,” he told me today.


“They said we were lucky to be alive.”


Apparently the mold guys had never seen such a terrible case of mold, which they finally removed.


Sometimes, if you are not physically healthy, it may not be you. Sometimes, if you are not mentally or emotionally healthy, it still may not be you. It may be something detrimental in your environment that you are severely allergic to that is affecting your physical, mental and emotional health.


We have to remember that our environment is the most powerful factor.


It takes very little effort for a flower to thrive in its ideal environment. Deprive that flower of sunlight, water or the ideal soil, and you may be working very very hard just to keep it alive.


We are the same way as humans. We can’t thrive in a toxic environment.