If you were to ask me to do a medical intuitive reading on you, quick and dirty, there would be three things I would look at in a hurry.

The first thing is what I call your overall health number, on a scale of 0 to 100, with the average person of course being about 50.

If I am looking at someone who is getting ready to check out and die, their numbers may be 18, 17, 14. If I think someone is checking out, I will monitor their overall number. It is easy to see someone slipping away that way.

If I see someone with numbers in the 20s I begin to be concerned, especially if that individual is not aware that they have a health problem or they are not currently actively working with health professionals to address the issues at hand.


Nobody ever gets to 100 – you would have to be living in a bubble. We all have stress, even people who exercise get bruises or strained muscles.


But you can get to really high numbers on my overall health scale provided you exercise regularly, eat food with very vibrant chi (i.e., lots of fruits and vegetables), keep yourself detoxed, deal with your stress, have learned how to be happy and get plenty of sleep. I see really high numbers in some of my fellow yoga teachers and other healers who have taken the time to sort themselves out. To accomplish high numbers, you usually have to have been consistent with your health program for many years.


The second thing I look is what is your most stressed organ.

If you think back to the days when you were in school, it was always the one kid in the class who acted up who gave the teacher the most grief.

You may be exercising regularly, eating well, meditating, etc., but it’s your most stressed organ that you will really want to look at.


The cause of this most stressed organ could be a genetic weakness or it could be from your ongoing lifestyle or it could be from your hitting a particular negative emotional note on an ongoing basis.


Having a most stressed organ is why triathletes can have a stroke during the swim portion of their competition and die. A guy I went to high school with did just that. Like me, he was 53 years old. He was obviously fit and strong enough to perform a triathlon, but there was something about his health that was sorely missing.

Another guy I know from high school, maybe two years older than me, died just recently in a Bikram yoga class. He was an accomplished musician, had a long-term love relationship, but there was some reason he gave up the ghost while practicing hot yoga.


Even if you are very very healthy, it’s your most stressed organ that needs your attention. It’s the weak point in your overall system.


Once I figure out your most stressed organ, I will look at what emotional issues you need to address to get that organ working better, what foods you need to eat or not eat, what herbs, supplements or flower essences will help. Or I will find out if there are any lab tests you need or if you should talk over the situation with your medical doctor.


Years ago, a psychotherapist referred a client to me.

Her patient was having severe depression, but nobody could figure out why.

The lady was happily married, loved her children and had a regular daily walking program.

I figured out that the lady had undiagnosed heart disease and recommended she visit a cardiologist immediately. She was only in her mid-3os.


The last thing I might look at in a quick and dirty medical intuitive reading is find out what your biological age is versus your chronological age.

You could be 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years old based on your birthday. But your biological age is often a better indicator of how old you really are.


One of my clients grew up in Macon, Georgia. I love how she puts it. She says, “You look like you’ve been rode hard and hung up wet to dry.”


Everybody has different feelings about this.

Some people believe they should pour their whole heart and soul into their life and allow life to use them up.

I am all for giving your whole spirit to life, but not at the expense of eating, sleeping or your mental/emotional health.

You may be 50 but look 35. Or you could be 60 and look 80. Whatever.

Your biological age is a pretty good indicator of how hard you are driving yourself and also about your underlying personality, as some people tend to be drivers while others are more sensualists.

As another client of mine said recently, “I can sit on the porch and stare at the birds for hours. My husband always has to be doing something.”

The attitude you take about staring at the birds versus running around conquering the world as you see it has a lot to do with what’s happening with you at the cellular level. Are your cells constantly stressed, or do they have a moment to rebuild and recover?


So there you have it. Just knowing your overall health number, your most stressed organ and your biological age can tell you a lot about yourself and what you can do to get better.