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My dear friend Maxine Taylor, Georgia’s first licensed astrologer, Amazon No. 1 bestselling author and host of Move Into the Magic radio show, asked me to do a medical intuitive reading of Donald Trump, our 45th U.S. president.

This medical intuitive reading will not comment on politics but help you have a deeper understanding of Donald Trump the human being.

A medical intuitive reading includes insights about your physical body, your energy body, your emotional process, your thought process as well as your spiritual body.

When I do a medical intuitive reading, the first thing I look at is your overall life energy on a scale of 0 to 100, with 50 being average for a person of your same age and same sex.

I do not compare you with a 22 year old – unless you are 22 years old!

Donald Trump, age 70, has life energy of 68 out of 100, which means that he has more energy than the average 70-year-old man.

Secondly, I look for your most stressed organ.

Often if we simply address the functioning of our most stressed organ our overall health can make a major leap forward.

I did the medical intuitive reading on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 – four days of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

On a physical level, I found that President Trump’s most stressed organ at that time was his gallbladder.

A normal healthy organ would be functioning between 72 to 85 percent. Often overachievers look for functioning over 85 percent, but if that were the case your organs would be working too hard.

The most important function of your gallbladder is to produce bile. This helps us digest fat.  Your gallbladder is part of the wood element in Chinese medicine.

Because Donald Trump’s gallbladder was functioning at 43 percent at the time of my medical intuitive reading, that would have been an indication he was having trouble digesting fat, may have difficulty fully digesting dairy products and be suffering from gallstones.

He tends towards hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) but is not diabetic.

He suffers from poor postural alignment.

On the energetic level, I found that Donald Trump’s primary operating chakra is his sixth chakra (third eye), which means he is a visionary. He gets a picture of how he wants things to be in his mind and then he creates that picture.

His psychic gift is clairvoyance.

The thing about the gift of psychic vision is that we can get stuck on our picture – I always recommend people who are high in psychic vision to create two pictures so that they know they could be happy with either picture.

He is creating his vision of the world – that is how he creates – from the picture first.

At the time of the medical intuitive reading, his sixth chakra was over energy.

When you suffer from over energy in your 6th chakra, you may suffer from hallucinations or delusions. You are so stuck on your own picture of the world you may not be seeing as clearly as you could.

On an emotional level, his primary operating emotion for the last 6 months has been joy.

I found that about 86 percent of the time he had been experiencing joy, even exuberance.

Joy comes from his heart.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the emotion you experience inside of you tends to be the quality of what you experience in the world.

For example, if I am an angry person, I tend to look out into the world and find 100 reasons to feel angry.

Donald Trump has been enjoying himself and that joy is what the people immediately around him have experienced of him as well.

Donald Trump also knows who he is.

Knowing who we are is an aspect of the emotional intelligence of our heart.

When we know who we are, that is who we show to the world.

Donald Trump knows who he is, he has a very clear picture of how he sees the world and he is quite comfortable showing who he is.

Like an artist who shows us his vision of the world, Donald Trump is clearly creating from his inner vision, knowing who he is with very strong heart energy.

If you think of the artists of the world, every artist shows us his unique vision.

For example, the world we see through the eyes of Rembrandt is very different from the world we see from Monet.

On a mental level, I looked at what he values.

What he values is not safety.

Donald Trump values taking risks. He is quite comfortable with competition and putting it all on the line.

He is confident in his ability to create whatever he wants, to create the picture that he sees.

On the spiritual level, once again, his primary psychic gift is clairvoyance.

Visionaries are:

  • Good at integrating all factors into plans
  • Good with visual spatial arrangements
  • NOT good at the subtle dynamics of feelings
  • NOT empathetic
  • Have an excellent sense of time and love to plan
  • Good sense of direction
  • Good with maps
  • Can visualize situations, problems and solutions in their mind
  • Great at spotting problems

Many people have taken vows in past lives that affect how they behave in this lifetime.

In other lifetimes as both a king and a warrior, Donald Trump took vows of vengeance and retribution.

If Donald Trump were my client, I would do a healing with him to clear these oaths beginning by affirming:

“I now affirm the light and protection that surrounds us all. I allow my thoughts to be free. I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I am at peace.”

I looked at Donald Trump’s archetypes.

Whenever we are operating out of an archetype, we are not being our true selves. We take on a role, put on the costume and assume the voice, the lines and the character.

Many of us become more comfortable with our archetypes than our true selves.

Donald Trump’s archetypes include:

  • Samaritan. Whether this is true or not, this is how he sees himself
  • Liberator
  • Avenger. When we sees what he perceives as a wrong in the world, he has no trouble taking vengeance
  • King

We are all souls who have a physical body.

As such, we have karma and can have compassion for other souls who are suffering the consequences of their own karma.

On a karmic level, Donald Trump is suffering from emotional starvation.

This is a paradox of being human – on the one hand you have this person achieving his outward goals but inside himself he is experiencing emotional starvation.

When we are emotionally starved all the way to the soul level, we tend to stuff ourselves – whether it be with food, money or other substances to make up for the lack of connection we feel.

His acquisitive nature covers up his lack of soul connection.

I know that Donald Trump prays and goes to church, but even those of us who pray and are regular church goers may experience this emotional starvation, which is at the core of most major addictions.

We feel there is never enough and never enough is never enough. We acquire a house and need a bigger house. What we think we need never ends.

If I am working with a client who suffers from emotional starvation, I do a healing to clear this karma and encourage that person to have a deeper connection with God Source, the only true way to fulfill ourselves at the deepest levels.

Many of us could learn a lot from Donald Trump because unlike many people in our society who have a hard time manifesting. He has overcome the karma of “I can’t thinking.”

His motto could be “Yes I CAN.”

People who want to manifest would do well to study Donald Trump because he gets his inner vision and he holds fast to his inner picture no matter what other people say and do. He doesn’t let anybody stand in the way of his picture and on a deep soul level he knows he can.

Finally, I looked at Donald Trump’s level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is like your GPA in college. Maybe you were good at English but not so good at physics. Your overall grade point average reflected how well you did in all your courses. Your level of consciousness is a sum reflection of your spiritual development.

You can understand more about the map of consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., by downloading the chart at this link.

Donald Trump is at 353 – he feels very different than other recent presidents we have had before him:

  • Barack Obama 421
  • George W. Bush 43rd president – 410
  • Bill Clinton  401
  • George HW Bush 470

If you study the map of consciousness, 310 is willingness, 350 forgiveness and 400 is reason.

It is important to recognize that Donald Trump is in integrity.

I find that people in the 300s have not transcended their core emotional traumas.

If Donald Trump were my client, I would encourage him to do emotional clearing work to resolve these emotional issues so that he can operate out of reason.

The level of consciousness of our other recent presidents has been over 400s, so they have been able to operate primarily out of reason and logic.

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Catherine did a spot-on reading–I got shivers!! I had also “seen” some things she said about him and it is always interesting to me , how many people seem totally blind to seeing people at their soul level–of course Maxine excluded, she sees the bigger picture. Thank you so very much for this great information!! Namaste
Brilliant report and truly helpful in understanding him.