“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Mother Theresa

This is a medical intuitive reading of Jeff Sessions, attorney general of the United States, conducted on June 15, 2017 with my good friend Maxine Taylor.


It is important for me to say that in order to access accurate intuitive information, you have to be in neutral.

Neutral is not a place that many people come from when discussing politics or anyone in the political arena.

Our habit is to project our prejudices onto people in the public eye, forgetting they are human and put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do.

When we judge, we come from our ego mind. We decide things, people or events are either “wrong” or “right.”

Intuitive information comes from a place of unconditional love. This is not a weak place but a vibration that shares compassion for all living beings.

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States

This medical intuitive reading was conducted on Thursday, June 15, 2017, two days after Jeff Sessions testified at the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He is 70 years old.

The first thing that I do when I do a medical intuitive reading is look at a person’s overall life energy, with 50 being average for a person’s your age.

I don’t compare you to a 22 year old unless you are 22.

Overall chi level 42/100 today.

Overall chi level 7 days ago 54/100.

For a person’s life energy to drop that significantly in just a matter of days indicates a huge amount of mental emotional and spiritual stress that also took a significant toll on his physical body.

I would recommend he read my book Unlimited Intuition Now that explains how to rebuild your personal energy.

Once I find your overall life energy, I look for your most stressed organ, with 72 to 85 percent being normal healthy functioning.

Jeff Sessions’ most stressed organ is his gallbladder, currently operating at 19 percent.

The gallbladder stores bile and helps us with fat digestion so I would recommend Jeff Sessions:

  • Restrict cow’s milk dairy products.
  • Take a digestive enzyme containing lipase, which helps you digest fat.
  • Drink more water since dehydration contributes to gallbladder insufficiency.

At present time Jeff Sessions is functionally dehydrated.

Many people drink water but are not able to fully absorb their water so I would also recommend he take a mineral supplement and/or a homeopathic such as Rehydration to help him absorb water.

A straight-on gallbladder cleanse would be too harsh for him at this point so I would not recommend that.

I would also encourage him to increase his consumption of bitter green vegetables to support his gallbladder and avoid high fat foods and stop drinking alcoholic beverages.

I’m also seeing that he is experiencing significant physical pain.

Each of us has a pain body, which you can think of energetically as the part of our energy field that holds the frequency of pain.

His pain level at present is 8/10, which indicates a high level of inflammation in his body.

Now you may ask “What’s the difference between pain and suffering?”

This is a subject I personally have written extensively about. Pain is our physical experience. Suffering is the mental-emotional-spiritual experience.

When we don’t have good energetic armoring we can take on even more pain. It’s my observation that it’s quite difficult to be in the public eye, even for the most hardened individuals.

Few of us understand that when we direct our hatred, judgment and resentment at another person we literally throw that energy on another person.

It may not be that much when it’s only one but when it’s hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of people on the planet directing negativity towards a single individual that can take a toll that those of us ordinary folks can not possibly fathom.

For his physical pain, I would recommend:

  • Time off work to rest, especially in nature
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic touch, such as hugs
  • Increased water, especially distilled water which pulls toxins out of your joints (while also taking a mineral supplement)
  • Physical therapy
  • Tai chi, qi gong and even Feldenkrais which teach people how to move their bodies in a comfortable way
  • Ginger and turmeric
  • Decreased coffee

The gallbladder insufficiency has placed stress on his digestive system, which is very common in older Americans.

I’m also seeing overall toxicity, especially heavy metals, and would recommend he purchase a far infrared sauna for therapeutic detoxification.

The 3 main risk factors for cancer are:

  • Stress – which we all have, but this is a level of stress from being in the public eye that most people will never experience in their lifetime.
  • Inflammation, which he has in spades.
  • Impaired detoxification. Whenever you have one of your major digestive organs not working as well as it could your body is not able to detoxify properly.

I would recommend a detoxification program that included not only far infrared sauna but also nutritiontal supplements to support all his systems of detoxification, green juices, distilled water and a thorough analysis by a naturopath of his heavy metals and chemical toxicity.

Energetic Body

As I mentioned, Jeff Sessions has been energetically drained over the past week with his overall chi level dropping from 54 to 42.

If he were my client, I would look at what would help him rebuild his personal energy.

What I see would be most beneficial for him at this time to help him rebuild his energy:

  • Play, especially with children
  • Meditation to give his mind a rest. We understand that if we over exercise we can exhaust our muscles but few of us consider that we can deplete ourselves by over thinking and excessive worrying
  • Listening to music
  • Sleep, as I do believe he is sleep deprived

His primary operating chakra: 11th chakra.

Your 11th chakra is above the crown of your head. This is sometimes referred to as the commander chakra.

From this place you can energetically control not only yourself but people and events around you.

However it is energetically exhausting to try to control the world.

Sometimes we have to release our grip and allow events to unfold, trusting that God is good and that all things work out for the highest good.

His entire chakra system is depleted at the moment and he would benefit from hands-on healing such as Reiki, where you simply lie on a table and a practitioner such as myself infuses energy.

Emotional Body

Primary emotion for the past week: Rage. Rage is an extreme form of anger. It is also an emotion that places tremendous stress on the gallbladder.

As I have explained, Jeff Sessions has been under tremendous stress, so this is not usually his primary operating emotion.

His usual primary emotion over the past 6 months comes from stomach meridian, which is doubt.

From what I can see – and this is getting into his mental body – he enjoys playing devils advocate and looking at issues from all sides, sort of a 360 degree view, so that he can argue from all points of view.

On an emotional level, I see him doubting himself in the form of self questioning.

The rage he is currently feeling and the doubt he has been feeling have placed tremendous stress on his third chakra, our center of psychic feeling or clairsentience, which in turn has stressed his digestive system to the point where I think he has had trouble eating.

I also see some nausea as a result of all the stress.

Many of us can handle a certain amount of stress but the wheels fall off the cart when that stress gets cranked up to the point where we feel we are on the rack in a medieval torture chamber.

Jeff Sessions has not been able to get over his emotional stress because there seems to have been one event after the other. He has not been able to recover from what happened yesterday because of what’s happening today and so on.

I wouldn’t wish his level of stress on my worst enemy.

Mental Body

Although he is of above-average level of intelligence, from what I can see Jeff Sessions is not a genius and the current level of mental chess he faces in Washington has depleted him mentally.

Cranio sacral therapy or hands-on healing for his brain would be highly recommended to restore his mental chi.

Like many other 70 year olds, he is not as sharp as he was when he was in his 20s. His mental acuity is about 20 percent less.

Despite the high level of mental stress, he is neither depressed nor anxious, but simply exhausted.

Secretly he can’t wait to take a nap and allow the storm that’s actually out of his control to pass over him.

Spiritual Body

Jeff Session’ primary psychic gift is clairsentience or psychic feeling.

The center for our clairsentience is our 3rd chakra.

This is part of why his digestive system is over stressed.

Although he has grown accustomed to the fighting, he has had to try to armor over his sensitivity, which has made him disconnect from the natural human warmth that would usually sustain his soul.

As a feeler when you have to shut off your psychic feeling you don’t feel quite like yourself and you lose touch with who you really are or who you really want to be.

He would be happiest as a kindly grandfather with children on each knee.

His archetypes include:

  • Truth seeker. I think from what I can tell that Jeff Sessions has always seen himself searching for truth in all forms.
  • Knight. This is interesting because that tells me that at a soul level, despite his physical fatigue, there is a part of Jeff Sessions that is willing to fight for his king like a young knight. Knights have peers so he definitely sees himself as one of the guys defending his king.
  • Father. He has three children. Although many men have children, not all of them have fully embraced their role as father. Just as women can adore being a mother, men can also adore being a father and grandfather. In this role, men can escape from their duties as provider/protector into nurturing and in so doing open up their empathy, sympathy and compassion.
  • Hero. Those who operate out of the hero archetype definitely want to see themselves as “the good guys” who fight for the good. Whether you agree with him or disagree with him, Jeff Sessions definitely sees his work as a battle of good vs. evil, good guys vs. the bad guys.

    Past Life Vows

    When I looked at past life vows Jeff Sessions’s soul took in other lifetimes, I found he has taken oaths of retribution or vengeance.

    If he were my client, I would do a healing to clear these vows.

    Clearing the negative aspect goes like this:

    If in any lifetime I or anyone on my behalf made an oath of vengeance or retribution I hereby rescind such oaths for now and for all times.

    The fact that one of his archetypes is Hero and he has taken a past life vow of vengeance means that in his lifetime Jeff Session will bravely step out to fight for what he sees as the good and will show no mercy when it comes to those who he views have done wrong.

    The positive aspect of clearing this oath of retribution goes like this:

    I now affirm the light and protection that surrounds us all. I allow my thoughts to be free. I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I am at peace.

    If Jeff Sessions was my client I would also do a karmic clearing to release negative interference of all kinds and all negative cords and hooks.

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