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My dear friend Maxine Taylor, Georgia’s first licensed astrologer, Amazon No. 1 bestselling author and host of Move Into the Magic radio show, asked me to do a medical intuitive reading of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

I want to say that in order to do my work as a medical intuitive healer, I need to be in neutral.

Being neutral is not a concept common to the political arena.

This is not a political reading of Steve Bannon, it is a medical intuitive reading.

I have seen Mr. Bannon demonized in the media but we have to remember that whether you are a billionaire or a pauper, a monster or a saint, we all put on our pants one leg at a time.

We are all souls having a human experience and we need to remember to have compassion for each other, and most especially compassion for people with whom we do not necessarily agree.

It is easy to show love and compassion for our friends and for people with whom we agree. That’s for beginners.

It takes particular strength of character to be compassionate with everyone and also to be neutral and not project our prejudices out into the world.

It is my work to teach people how to have greater compassion for themselves and in so doing to have greater compassion for others as well.

As we deepen our understanding of ourselves we can take better care of our physical bodies and in so doing more easily accomplish the work that we as souls are here to do on earth.

I did my medical intuitive reading of Mr. Bannon on Tuesday, Feb. 21, by looking at his photographs on the internet and tuning into his energy.

I begin by looking at a person’s overall life energy, with 50 being average for a person of your same sex and age.

Mr. Bannon’s life energy is at 48 out of 100, so he has room to improve his health.

His most stressed organ is his heart.

If I am doing a medical intuitive reading and I see this, I would refer that individual to his medical doctor and recommend that he receive a thorough cardiac evaluation.

I see inflammation of the pericardium, the membrane enclosing the heart, and decreased cardiac circulation.

I would recommend gentle exercise such as walking, qi gong and tai chi where he could keep his heart rate below 100 beats per minute. That’s an important marker because above 100 beats per minute your body has to secrete stress hormones to maintain your heart rate in continuous exercise.

I would also recommend he reduce sugar and adopt a food healing protocol of juices and smoothies to improve his cellular health, reduce his cholesterol and remove arterial plaque and finally and most importantly reduce inflammation.

On the energetic level, I look for a person’s primary operating chakra.

Many people are familiar with the seven chakras. Mr. Bannon’s primary operating chakra is the same as mine – his 11th chakra. This is an out of body chakra above the crown of your head and the center from which we access the psychic gift of claircognizance or psychic knowing.

His primary psychic gift is claircognizance. He would receive information way in advance. People with this gift operate with tremendous foresight. They can sound abrupt, brusque and come off as insensitive even if they don’t mean to be. This is my primary psychic gift as well.

Mr. Bannon is disconnected somewhat from his physical body. He would need a good wife or good handlers to remind him to eat, to exercise, to go to the doctor, remember to take medications and to take care of himself.

On an emotional level, Mr. Bannon’s primary emotion is pride.

We sometimes think of pride as being a bad thing but this is the primary emotion of the U.S. Marine Corps. It is what keeps our brass buttons polished and our uniforms crisp. Not that Mr. Bannon is spotless in his appearance, because he is not, but he takes tremendous pride in being an American.

The shadow side of pride is of course shame, this is what gets swept under the rug.

On the mental level, he has a very high IQ and is genius level at interpersonal intelligence.

He has a very sharp ability to read people. Unlike a feeler, someone high in clairsentience who is sweet and tuned into other people’s energy and emotions, he has political genius and an ability to read the chess game of people.

He is a 3 on the enneagram, the Achiever, someone who maintains a relentless work schedule, is success oriented, pragmatic, adaptable, excelling and driven. His basic fear would of being worthless.

On a spiritual level, he has taken a past life vow of sacrifice.

This is frequently associated with vows of chastity and poverty, but Mr. Bannon is married and extremely wealthy. However, he sees himself as sacrificing for the greater good.

He has experienced heart scars from his relationship with his father and I believe has driven himself throughout his lifetime as a means of proving himself to his father.

We have to remember that although heart disease has a physical component there is also a mental/emotional/spiritual aspect.

I believe he was deeply wounded by his relationship with his father.

His primary archetypes include Shape Shifter, King, Guide/Mentor, Liberator and Saboteur.

He has a wounded spirit on the heart level.

If he were my client, I would recommend we do healings so that he could learn to love himself just the way he is, to experience the sheer joy of life without achievement, learning to enjoy being instead of constantly needing to do.

In fact he has such a restless spirit that if he was a young man a person might think he has ADD. He is not ADD, that’s just his brilliant mind leaping ahead from one subject to another.

I would also recommend that we rebuild his heart chakra. As an energy healer I can clear a chakra and release cords from old connections.

The wounds he has experienced have gone into his heart all the way deep into his soul.

This may be why he covers up with sorry with tremendous work.

He needs to learn how to love himself and love life without needing to do anything.

He needs to learn how to be and not just do.

In short, I would recommend Steve Bannon work with medical doctors on improving his heart health and do the deep spiritual work necessary to heal his heart scars so that constant striving and work to prove himself and to avoid how he really feels about himself is no longer necessary.

I encourage all of us to practice compassion with ourselves and with others, especially when communicating about politics and subjects where we experience so much disagreement.

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