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Posted on Jun 2, 2011 by in Blog | 0 comments

Hydrangeas On My Walk

Every Monday night I get a ride with my neighbor Steve to the Atlanta Zen Center to meditate.

I always bring a shawl to cover me. Being in menopause, I get hot, I get cold. You never quite know what to expect, so I am prepared. I am the only one in the Zen Center with a beautiful shawl. Everybody else is pretty much in basic unpretentious, down to earth clothes.

We sit for 25 minutes, then do 5 minutes of walking meditation, then meditate again for 25 minutes. Sometimes you have a great meditation, other times you feel like you are just turning the volume down.

There are many ways to meditate.

I also like to snuggle with my dog Belle.

There is nothing quite like being quiet and listening deeply.

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