Recently, one of my best friends, Virginia Wright, asked me a serious question.

“You renovated your front garden, you rebuilt your back garden, you renovated your house, you wrote a book. What are you going to do next?”

Most people who know me think of me as a high energy person. All that yoga, qi gong, juicing and meditation, the energy has to go somewhere!

I am pleased to announce that I have just written the rough draft of my third book. That much I will say, a personal achievement!

However, I am keeping the subject and title a secret until I can copyright the title. I’m sure I will be doing the editing and revisions for the next several months.

However, I will admit that the book has to do with my work as a medical intuitive healer and it’s all about how you can help yourself using the secrets of medical intuition and natural healing.

I am at a writing retreat here in Atlanta with the wonderful writing coach Tom Bird.

Many writing coaches have different methods, but Tom’s approach works best for me.

My friend and fellow author Patrice Dickey, now deceased, was the one who first told me about him. “This is right up your alley, Catherine,” I remember Patrice saying to me. “It’s intuitive writing.”

Many people would like to write a book but fail to do so because their left brain – the part of you who reminds you how small, how insignificant and unimportant you are – keeps them stuck in fear.

Tom Bird’s method is simply to write so fast that you are literally channeling your book.

I am not exactly sure how many words I have written so far – it’s Saturday at 11:21 and his assistant Gwen Payne told me I had to write more before I started editing, so I am writing this blog – but on my computer I have 26,498 words, not counting all the words I wrote by hand when we started our retreat on Thursday. I wrote 18,876 words yesterday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you have been wanting to write a book but have been bottled up, Tom Bird is the one to get you totally unstuck.

I wrote my Amazon No. 1 best seller, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness, at the Tom Bird retreat in October 2012 in Atlanta. That retreat we all affectionately remember as having been held in the “hood,” as Patrice Dickey, who was literally dying at the time while doing the arrangements, was not mentally present enough to recognize that she had arranged the event to be held in an unsafe location.

After writing my rough draft, I worked with various editors before completing my book in March 2013. It went to the publisher on my 54th birthday, March 25, 2013, and what a birthday present it was. Denise Cassino, the Amazon specialist, helped me to get to the book to No. 1 in October 2013. Since then, that book has accumulated 23 five-star reviews on Amazon – and all because Tom Bird helped me get over myself.

When I began to write the last book, I started weeping. It was tears of joy, because I felt like I was finally back to doing what I had wanted to do my entire life!

My first book, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide (New York: Marlowe and Co., 1997), had been the best-selling book of the original publisher, but I got so discouraged after working for three years and only making $3,000 that I figured I had to give up writing and do something where I could actually make a living.

What spurred me to act was my client Zoe Pietrycha in Los Angeles discovering my first book translated into Chinese at an L.A. library.

“Drat,” I thought. “If I wrote a book good enough to be translated into Chinese maybe I should have a go at this writing thing.”

My second book was born in the era where authors are now self publishing. Gone are the days when we do all the work and somebody else makes all the money, thank God!

So many thanks to Tom Bird, his assistant Gwen Payne, and Tom’s amazing, kind, enlightened, patient, ever helpful assistant Rama Jon Cogan.

If you have been thinking of writing a book, look up Tom Bird at this link.

My very dear friend and yoga teacher, Lillah Schwartz, with whom I took my sixth 200-hour yoga teacher training, my 500-hour yoga teacher training and now with whom I am studying yoga therapy is sitting to my right as I type these words. I convinced Lillah to come with me to write her book about yoga.

Lillah did not think she could do it, but now here she is, writing away, writing by long hand, writing faster and more easily than she ever thought possible.

Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. Amen!