Many lovers suffer greatly from the pain of being apart from their loved one.

You can learn how to maintain your psychic connections over time and space so that you continue to feel comforted from their energy by learning to send rainbows.

But first, a little explanation about how deeply our energies intertwine with the people we love.

I have experienced the extreme heartache of missing someone terribly myself.

When I first spent time away from my fiancé for any significant period of time, I felt slightly adrift, ungrounded, and there was a continuous twinge in my heart. I would have trouble eating and wouldn’t feel quite myself until I laid eyes on him again.

I remember once he took a trip to Costa Rica for a week.

I missed him so terribly I had to remind myself that it was time for a meal.

“It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” I would think. “Go down to the kitchen and put some strawberries and cottage cheese in a bowl. Eat something for God’s sake!”

Quite frankly there will never be a good enough substitute for being with your loved one, for holding that person in your arms and just simply being in their presence.

But you can practice sending rainbows and activate your psychic gifts so that you maintain your loving connection even through a distance.

When we enjoy an intimate connection with a lover, we form invisible cord connections between our chakras into their chakras.

As a medical intuitive healer, I can read the quality of any of your relationships by reading the cord connections between you and other people:

  • First Chakra cord connections show that you consider each other family. You are rooted together and draw literal support from each other.
  • Second Chakra cord connections illustrate the degree of your sexual passion for each other.
  • Third Chakra cord connections prove how empathetic you are with your loved one, how much you care about their true feelings.
  • Fourth Chakra cord connections from your heart to their heart display how much you deeply love the other person.
  • Fifth Chakra cord connections explain how easily you communicate.
  • Sixth Chakra cord connections paint the picture of how much you share each other’s vision of your life direction.
  • Seventh Chakra cord connections represent the depth of your spiritual connection.

The more cord connections you have from each of your chakras to your loved one’s energy centers, the deeper and more fulfilling the quality of your relationship.

If he or she is missing connections at specific chakras, that indicates that the two of you have difficulty relating to one another in that area.

Because relationships are always dynamic, we can form closer cord connections or disagree with one another and pull away.

By learning to love more and more unconditionally, we can build more cord connections and enjoy an even more fulfilling relationship.

The quality of these cord connections can deepen to the point that we can sense each other’s energy even at great distance.

Here’s where rainbows come in:

  • Step One. Visualize a rainbow from your heart to your loved one’s heart.
  • Step Two. As you send the rainbow, notice the information that comes to you. When you connect heart to heart, you will know, see, feel or hear their heart energy. You will intuitively know how the other person is doing and can be greatly comforted even if you can’t see them, talk to them or hug them.

This exercise works because rainbows contain all the colors of the spectrum.

Each color represents a different vibration, as all energy expresses itself through a different frequency.

The fun part of this exercise is if he or she is paying attention, your loved one may sense your energy as well.

This can be especially important if you have to maintain a long distance relationship.

There is no time.

There is no space.

True love transcends all barriers.