Few people understand the extent to which they are disconnected from their body.

In our society, the body is not treated with the respect and kindness that it truly deserves.

To be sure, everybody wants to LOOK good. That is what the fashion magazines and multibillion dollar diet industry are all about.

But few people truly respect and appreciate the experience of being IN our physical body.

Getting and spending, we are too much in our heads.

The internet and speed of communication globally only exacerbates this problem.

Sitting in front of a computer, we slump and wonder eight hours later why our backs feel bad, why we feel slightly empty and can’t quite put our finger on what is wrong.


We value our thoughts, our opinions, even our feelings, but not the experience of being fully grounded in the body.


Why is it so important to be fully grounded in our body?

Until and unless you are grounded in your body, you can’t heed the subtle signals your body is constantly sending you.

These signals are cries for attention.

If we only would sit in a certain way in front of the computer, there would be no back pain or neck pain.

If we would only stand a certain way, there would be no knee pain or hip pain.


But beyond the benefits of heeding the subtle signals to be pain-free, when we learn to fully ground we can embody our souls to the fullest extent.


Everything your soul was meant to do here on earth was meant to be accomplished through your physical body.