Yesterday a friend and I went to Office Depot to get a UPS for my desk.

Like many people, I have all these black boxes with flashing lights behind my computer, along with multiple cords under my desk attached to long rows of very important-looking outlet thingeys.

I keep going to the Apple store for regular lessons to plow away at my personal deficit of computer knowledge. I now know more than I did a year ago, but what I still don’t know could be put in one large room somewhere in Oklahoma.


So when I realized after a week that my backup was not backing up, the good news was that I realized that I kept having a problem, even though I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. I knew enough to realize there was a problem. What to do about it remained a puzzle to me.


So I asked a friend of mine, and he told me I need a new UPS.


I asked him what a UPS is, and he said it’s an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Or at least that is my interpretation of what he said.


So that got me thinking. For a human being, what is OUR Uninterruptible Power Supply?


Probably 100 percent of the new clients who come to see me have some degree of adrenal burnout problem. Probably 100 percent of the new clients who come to see me have some kind of energy problem.


I have helped completely heal more chronic fatigue clients than I can count. Nutrition, rest, hormonally appropriate exercise, supplements, meditation, Reiki, healing work on core emotional issues that have been draining them, healing work on the brain – these are where I begin when working with clients like this.


But beyond all this, at the end of the day, our only Uninterruptible Power Supply is our connection to God.


There is even a flower essence for this: Olive, a Bach flower remedy.


Now flower essences are vibrational remedies and although I have a full drawer of Bach remedies, these are not where I turn first. I prefer flower remedies that have been created more recently and more accurately address the energy imbalances that people in 2012 are currently facing.


But Olive is worth talking about.


You need Olive if your physical forces are entirely spent and you have to turn to your spiritual connection to keep going.


Frankly, this is not a bad place to be.


I remember in my late 30s, one healer said to me, “You drive your body like it was a car.”


In other words, over a cliff. Hop in and keep going no matter how I felt. Just do it.


Although the admonition “Just do it” may have made Nike millions of bucks, there are places where we need to stop, breathe, think again and do things differently.


When we can maintain our spiritual connection, and get really grounded in our spirituality, that’s when we can truly regenerate on all levels.


So it’s really just a question of what each of us needs to do to accomplish that. Pray. Meditate. Go to church. Read spiritual literature. Attend lectures that make us ponder our moral compass.


Personally, I do all of the above, and on an ongoing basis.


Last Sunday, I went to church. Monday, I attended a talk by Ken Boa, author of many books about the Bible. I meditated Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I prayed every day of the week, both for myself and in my work. It’s not something that is exterior to what I do. It’s fundamental. If you pray for your clients, you have done the work. It’s not an extra step, it is the step.