Deep down, what do you truly believe about yourself?

The beliefs you hold about yourself are the most important beliefs you hold in mind.

What you believe about yourself creates your mental blueprint.

This blueprint – whether you believe yourself to be a good person, a bad person, a beautiful person, an ugly person, a powerful person or a person with no power or capabilities – creates your entire life.

You literally manifest every aspect of your life based on the beliefs you actually hold about yourself.

Forget trying to build your self esteem.

Forget trying to feeling good enough.

Go beyond all that for just this moment.

When you are wanting to change your life at the most profound levels, a good place to start is to examine what you truly believe about yourself.

What core belief holds you back?

Deep down, do you believe you are a “bad” person?

Many of us received the message beginning in childhood that we are a “bad boy” or a “bad girl.”

Sure, there can be lots of fun involved in being “bad” – the rules don’t apply to you, you get to skirt the norms of behavior, outsmart the authority figures in your life and try all sorts of things you think your mother would never approve of.

But if you truly believe you are a “bad” person, that belief can manifest in many uglier ways.

If you believe you are a “bad” person you may also believe:

  • You are so broken you can never be fixed
  • You deserve to be punished
  • You don’t deserve to be happy
  • You don’t deserve to feel good
  • You don’t deserve to have money
  • There is no way you can ever truly succeed
  • You will never fit in
  • You will never be loved for who you actually are
  • Your situation is hopeless
  • No one – including God – can ever forgive you

You may not even believe you deserve to exist and find countless ways to self destruct, subconsciously trying to take yourself out of the picture. This could manifest in countless “bad” habits – smoking, addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, lying, cheating, stealing and in all manner of fatal illnesses.

At worst, your “bad” message could lead you to kill yourself.

Why should you bother trying to get better? The inner anger and frustration at yourself and even life itself becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I identify the beliefs you are holding in your mind that keep you from experiencing the health, wealth, happiness and success your soul longs for.

No message is perhaps more destructive than your “bad” message.

If you have been feeling stuck, take a fearless mental inventory.

When, where and how did someone tell you that you are a “bad” person?

Sometimes even the people we go to for healing – whether that person is a traditional MD or a holistic practitioner – can reinforce this “bad” message.

Perhaps you received a diagnosis from an authority figure that your mind-body system translates as a curse. For example, maybe a doctor put a label on your condition and gave you six months to live. Because he appears as a powerful authority figure, you believe him.

I’m always talking to other holistic practitioners about the importance of how they see their clients.

The mental image we project of our clients broadcasts all the way down to their cellular level.

It’s absolutely crucial that while we accurately see the challenges a person is facing that we view them as whole, complete and precisely where they need to be on their spiritual path.

Recently I did a medical intuitive reading for another holistic practitioner in a foreign country.

Part of what I explained to her was that the archetype she was playing as a healer was actually holding her back:

“Although this appears yet another positive archetype, you try to heal others through your own ego.
“This comes across as you needing to be right, needing to have all the answers or trying to figure everything out as opposed to simply praying for guidance, asking that what the other person needs to hear come through you and stepping your ego out of the way.
“You need to learn how to drop the client’s energy when they are not with you as I see you wrestling with their problems in your mind.
“Other people do not need to be ‘fixed.’
“They are already good enough exactly as they are.
“Your job (should you choose to accept it) is to show them their wholeness.
“Drop the act and be far more successful at empowering others to shift their vibration out of pain and suffering.
“The more you stay in your own wholeness the more quickly other people can resonate with your higher vibration.
“This is why it’s essential that you learn to set your ego aside.
“Play with them, love them, laugh with them and they will see their own wholeness.”
Once we identify when, how and where someone proclaimed you a “bad” person, we can simply clear those old beliefs and imprint more positive, life affirming beliefs.
You are already whole.
You were never broken in the first place.
Your cells hold a cellular memory of radiant health.
No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, God already forgives you.
What is healing? Healing happens when you shift the beliefs you hold in your mind about who you actually are.

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