I talked today to two different clients who were receiving too much information through their reticular activating systems.

This was the root cause of why they each person was in a frazzled state of adrenal burnout.

Simply put, they were receiving too much information.

Now when we think of information, we think we have to be doing something like reading The Wall Street Journal. No.


If your reticular activating system is overloaded, your nervous system is overstimulated just by the mere act of being alive.


Lights, noise, people, computers, cell phones, feelings, emotions, you name it, it all feels like too much.


One client was receiving twice as much information as the average adult. The other client was receiving more than three times as much information.


I can totally relate because I used to say that being me was like receiving 1,000 volts of electricity through an ordinary light socket.


When I went to the Isle of Gigha in Scotland, Don Dennis, who knew the drill before I even got there, put me in the sleeping room that was the most psychically protected.


On a physical, brain level, what is going on is that the reticular activating system is not properly gated. Information of all kinds floods into the brain.


On a psychic level, the chakras above the head may be too open.


This is both a gift and a curse.


It can make a person very brilliant and very psychically gifted.


The curse part is that it can make it hard to live in the modern world.


I joked with my afternoon client that she would feel better if she went to live on a dairy farm in Montana.


So here is my other solution – other than moving to a dairy farm in Montana.


If this is you, psychically overloaded, every day, say a prayer and ask your spiritual guides to adjust the volume so that you only receive as much information as you can personally handle.


I remember one time I just felt awful. I could not figure it out. I hadn’t eaten anything bad, I hadn’t had any personal issues come up. I called my mentor in healing and asked her for help, as I could not help myself.


Apparently I had picked up on an IRA bombing in Ireland (this was years ago).


She told me to tell my angels not to bother me unless it was something I could actually do something about.


One of my clients actually brought me the newspaper clipping about the incident.


Many psychically sensitive people are picking up on all sorts of incidents.


Then there was the year that we had a terrible drought in Atlanta and I literally felt all the trees and shrubs dying. In that case, I knew what I was feeling and it felt awful.


The gift part of this is that it makes me extremely compassionate.


For example, another client this afternoon had digestive problems. I could literally feel inside her digestive tract where the problem was.


In that case, me receiving the information was O.K. as she was in my office, I was doing healing work, and needed the information so I could sort out how to help her.


The key when you receive this much information is to become clear about what sort of information that we want to receive as well as the amount and volume of this information.


One time this summer, someone I had just met quizzed me about how many books I read. I really resented the question, as he had no idea just how much information I actually process in any 24-hour period.


I have tons of books all over my house. I like books, and am always interested in books that sound interesting. But even if I read a book, I do it a little bit differently.


I pick up the book, say a prayer and ask God to guide me to what I need to read at that particular moment.


To me, reading an entire book may be a complete waste of time. Just show me what I need to know and give my brain a rest so I don’t have to process all that information. When I read a book, I am not just reading the words on the page, I can also feel how the author felt when he or she wrote the book – when he or she got bored, where they were rushing through the project, what their motivation was for writing the book in the first place, etc. It’s a lot.


In general, people like me do best living in a quiet, tranquil environment.


My home and garden are so peaceful that when people come to visit, they generally hate to leave. Not only do they have a great, fun time visiting, there is a part of their soul that is so much at peace that they would rather stay.


So here is the prayer I recommend. You can put it in your own words.


Heavenly Father, I call on all my spiritual guides, power animals, angels, archangels and protectors. I ask that today you only give me as much information as my nervous system can easily handle. I also ask that you only give me the information that I need today for my highest good. Thank you so much for adjusting the volume to where I can easily handle it. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Thank you all my angels, guides, power animals and protectors. I love you. Thank you for taking care of me today in this way. Amen.


Being too psychically sensitive is enough to make a person long to be boringly normal.


It’s ironic, because so many people want to open their psychic gifts. They don’t really understand what it is they are asking for!


Sometimes you would rather just rather be a dump truck.