I still have a microwave in my kitchen, but the only thing I use it for is to heat up my neck warmers. I heat them up and snuggle them around my neck when I am reading a book, watching a movie or wanting to heat up the bed before I go between the sheets.


Today I was working with a client who is trying to rebuild her adrenals. She feels substantially better as a result of our work together. We had gone over many details about her nutrition, but today, for some reason, out of the blue, I asked her if she microwaved her food.


“All the time,” she said.


“And what do you microwave?” I asked.


“Pretty much everything,” she replied.


My client is not alone. Many people do not understand the multiple detrimental effects of microwaving their food. Usually I make everybody read this two-page detailed article explaining the many problems with microwave ovens and their adverse effects.


I will summarize it for you. Please do not eat or drink anything that has been heated, defrosted or cooked in a microwave.


About a year ago, a client of mine who is an expert on nutrition and organic healthy cooking was lamenting the fact that her brain-injured son was buying frozen dinners at the grocery store and then microwaving them, as if this might be a “healthy choice.”


“Think about it,” I said to her, “somebody on Madison Avenue decided not to underestimate the stupidity of the American public. If you put an attractive label on a product, even if it is frozen and the directions call for microwaving it, if you say it is healthy, then somebody out there might possibly believe that.”


After all, her son has a brain injury. But many other people who have not had their head smashed in unfortunately fall into the same trap.


This is the same fallacious thinking that if you buy something at the health food store that it must be healthy. I can think of lots of items that are sold in health food stores that are not actually health-promoting in the least.


Then I had another client this afternoon who needed the same explanation. Like my client in the morning, she struggles to have energy, whereas there I was, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, bouncing with energy and passionately rattling off a list of reasons not to eat microwaved food.


I told my afternoon client that this is one of the reasons I keep working with people on their nutrition. I am an excellent energy healer, but even the best energy healer in the world can’t wave their hands over you and heal you permanently as long as you are eating microwaved food.


I have even had clients with cancer who went to Whole Foods, spent a small fortune on organic produce, only to come home and microwave it.


Please cook the way your grandmother cooked. Your grandmother would have turned on an oven or put a pot on the stove, lit a grill, stir fried something in a wok or cooked possibly over an open fire.


Here are a few reasons why:

Even eating microwaved vegetables will raise your cholesterol.

Microwaved vegetables have significantly fewer antioxidants than those that are steamed.

Microwaved food lowers your immune function.

Microwaving reverses the polarity of the cells.

Microwaved food is harder to digest and may cause digestive disorders. I have run lab tests with clients and found nothing wrong with them other than that they were microwaving their food.

Many people have difficulty losing weight if they eat microwaved food.

Radiated food has significantly less chi than food cooked conventionally.

Microwaving food produces cancer-causing substances.

Microwaving food lowers hemoglobin levels, causing anemia.

People who eat microwaved food may experience insomnia, impaired ability to think clearly, vision and eye problems, depression, irritability, frequent urination, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and dizziness.


Here’s a personal story about microwaved foods.


Years ago, I was studying with my mentor in healing in Canada. We all went out to lunch. I ordered my food at a counter, then I saw the person stick my plate in a microwave to heat it up. Honestly, it’s so cold in Canada, you have got to eat a hot lunch in the winter just to make it through the day. After I saw the person put my plate in the microwave, I wanted to say something, but there was a huge line behind me and I did not want to make a scene. He put a cover over my food and then presented it to me.


I ate my lunch.


Then I went back to studying with my teacher. I just could not think straight. We were going over a fairly complicated healing technique, and I just could not get it. Usually I am able to pick things up pretty easily, but my brain was totally muddled. I asked my teacher to help me, and the problem was my microwaved lunch.


If you want to have great energy, be mindful of the chi in your food. I feel best when I eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I feel best of all when I juice. I drank a huge mug of spinach, cucumber and apple juice this morning and I was going strong all day while seeing clients who were suffering from adrenal burnout.


Please, just use your microwave to heat up your neck warmers