Years ago, when I was teaching Brain Gym classes, I used to read a sweet little story I found someplace about a man who wanted to be a great healer.

He had heard that if you really wanted to be a healer, you should start with tomato plants.

He got some tomato plants, but alas, in a short period of time, they all perished.

Then one day, he was out someplace and saw a cactus plant.

He had heard that cactus plants are hardy, so he figured he would have a hard time killing it in case things didn’t work out exactly as planned.

He took it home and put the cactus in his front hallway where every day he could appreciate it.

The cactus flourished under his careful observation, and he finally learned the essence of true healing.


Every plant in my garden is different from every other plant, just like each and every client I have is unique.

The more I really get the ways that each of my clients is unique, the more I appreciate them just as they are now, the more they thrive.


That is one thing I really love about kinesiology and also about being able to do medical intuitive readings.

You may think you know what the deal is, but until you really ask the body, ask the soul, you really have no idea.


There are many common threads that make a plant or a person become extremely healthy, beginning with placing that organism in their ideal environment.


The ideal environment for you could be a loving home, a job where you can progress and use your talents. On a cellular level, it’s true nourishment – the right food and water, the nutrients you need to make your metabolism work perfectly.


Place a person or a plant in the wrong environment and see just how quickly things go south. The wrong marriage. The wrong diet (just try thriving on microwaved junk food). Not enough sunlight, too much sunlight. Not enough water, too much water. Not enough exercise, too much exercise. You have to hit the sweet spot, and for that, you have to ask body and soul, not project whatever program it is that you happen to be selling.


It is funny to me, but the more I just watch things, the more I just know exactly what it is they need.


I can watch one of my clients walking up the steps to my studio and I will think, “Right. Got it!” They will not have said one word.


I never muscle test my orchids to see if they need water. I just hang around them, and then I know.


I heard once that intuition is a by product of true love. When you absolutely love someone or something, you know exactly how they feel, what they need. You understand them inside and out.


That is why a mother will know when her baby is actually hungry and when enough is enough.


You can’t get this type of information if you don’t really care. You can read all the health books in the world, but the facts will actually elude you because you are missing the directional gravity pull of true love, which always points to the heart of the matter.


It doesn’t matter whether your garden is cactuses or orchids, little children, men, women, tall people, short people, people with cancer or AIDS, dogs or cats. The key thing is become a master lover. At that point, everything you have ever read about healing will finally begin to make sense.