One of the most powerful habits we can ever develop is the practice of daily prayer.

A prospective client called me recently for a FREE 15-minute consultation about my medical intuitive healing.

During our chat, she asked me my spiritual practice. “Meditation and channeling my angels,” I responded immediately.

What I forgot to say is that I pray pretty much all day long.

I pray so often it’s almost like second nature to me, even if I pray silently and nobody even knows what I am doing.

I pray at the end of my yoga class for each and every person. I pray thanks over my food, I pray thanks for my fiancé and my dog. I pray for guidance. I pray for my orchids and my garden.

As you pray regularly, like anything else that you do on a consistent basis, you will notice that you get better at it and that the practice invokes not just your conscious mind but a feeling of sweet, uplifting divine connection.

Here is a prayer you can use for hope and healing.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for the gift of my life.

Thank you for my body and all that it does for me all day long, even when I am not paying attention.

I call on all my angels and my spiritual guides and your divine guidance now to bring me into greater balance all the way down to the cellular level.

If it is thy will, please restore each of my organs to their full genetic potential.

Please bless me with radiant health so that I may be a more perfect expression of your divine light.

Thank you so much for all the signals that my body sends to my mind.

Help me to listen to my body more carefully so that I may follow its guidance and be directed to the food, movement, people and environments that will be most uplifting, restorative and energizing for me on all levels now.

Thank you for the health that you have blessed me with.

Please guide me to walk in your ways always.

Please bless me with the strength and vitality I need to fulfill my divine mission that you have appointed for me.

Thank you God, thank you God. Amen.

What is healing? Healing happens when we invoke our divine connection and bask in the recognition that we are unconditionally loved and supported always.