This afternoon, I participated in a prayer circle.

One of my dear friends came to me on Wednesday for a healing.

Even though we are friends, she had worked for years with a number of other talented practitioners.

On Wednesday, she was near the end of her rope.

Unfortunately, her doctors had told her it was time for another surgery.

Something she had hoped for had not worked out.


I told her part of what she needed right now was a prayer circle.


She has struggled for many years and has put up a very good fight. But this was the first time she had asked a group of friends to come together to pray on her behalf.


I always like to be on time, and since I have taught so many classes for so many years, it’s like my body clock is set ahead a little bit. I have a habit of showing up early so I can be properly prepared to greet my students. I am always on time and never rushed. That way I can be relaxed and set the energy for others to come in and relax around me.


Unfortunately, I showed up at her home 20 minutes early (as I am usually 10 to 20 minutes early for my classes), so I sat in her garden because I had arrived ahead of my friend.


I remembered that my grandmother, who was an expert at etiquette, had told me that it is rude to show up too early because people aren’t ready for you. I felt very badly because my friend arrived with her groceries, not expecting to have a visitor so soon.


I had made my friend two gemstones necklaces and blessed them with Reiki.

One was green, and the second one was blue. As I prayed over her necklaces after I made each one, I asked that they bless her with complete healing and open her to the energy of love in all its many forms.


Seeing her necklaces cheered her up to some degree. But it was still not completely a happy time.


Finally, the other ladies arrived.

Two were beautifully attired as they had just come from church.

Another lady came from church but she had ridden her bicycle so she looked quite casual.

I wore jeans, a white shirt and a shawl, as I frequently do, as I never know if I will be too hot or too cold.

The last lady showed up with a baby nap sack and a tiny dog inside she had rescued some months before. After introducing us to her dog, she turned her dog over to her husband outside and came back to join us.


Our prayer circle included five ladies and my friend.

She sat in the middle of our circle as we lit two candles.

We all lay our hands on her and prayed for some time.

There was not a dry eye in the circle by the time we were complete.


Prayer is one of the simplest and most profound forms of healing.

We should not be afraid to ask our friends to come and pray on our behalf. It is something that anyone can do and one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.