One way to begin to reclaim your wholeness is to make a list of all the diagnoses you have ever received.

Some of these diagnoses may have come from medical doctors.

Others may have come from friends or family.

For example, your list may look something like this:

I have diabetes.

I am overweight.

I have high blood pressure.

I am depressed.

Go through your list and write down approximately what age you were when you received your diagnosis.

For example, perhaps you were 45 years old when you were told you have diabetes.

Then go through your list and ask yourself whether or not you still believe that you “have” that illness or that you “are” your illness.

If you still believe that you “have” or “are” any particular illness, begin to consider that your thoughts and beliefs are recreating your illness.

Then begin to reframe your thoughts.

Choose the best possible thought that is true.

For example, your new list could be:

I have been working on using diet and exercise to stabilize my blood sugar.

I enjoy eating well and moving my body in fun, comfortable ways.

My body is reorganizing at its perfect weight.

I am releasing the pressure in my life.

My soul is resting and recovering and restoring my energy as I learn how to enjoy more of my life.

The more you closely examine what you think you “have” and what you think you “are,” the more quickly you can free yourself from long-term patterns that are holding your illnesses in place.