Did you know that what you say to yourself every day creates or destroys your health?

In this interview for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews author, speaker and podcast host Michael J. Russ of www.lifemovespodcast.com about how mastering your self talk improves your health.

Years ago, I heard about a positive thinking class here in Atlanta.

“That’s stupid,” I remember thinking to myself.

“Everybody already knows you should think positively.”

It just so happened that week I went to a doctor who diagnosed me with a chronic illness.

“Oh,” I suddenly realized, “that’s why I need to go to that class!”

So I created a series of affirmations that I would say to myself, beginning with:


I would say that and many other positive affirmations to myself while coughing, sneezing, groaning and aching from my illness.

And guess what? 

Today I AM radiantly healthy.

While he was working in the financial services industry, Michael J. Russ recognized that whether or not he would succeeded depended entirely on what he would say to himself.

Some common mistakes I hear my clients say to themselves:

  1. I CAN’T. You may be telling yourself, “I can’t lose weight.” How about “I’m not yet motivated enough to take action to achieve my ideal body size,” OR “I have not yet figured out how to achieve my ideal size.” 
  2. I AM a number. I never talk about my weight in terms of a number. Whether the number is higher or lower, YOU are more than any number on any scale. You are a soul with a magnificent purpose on this earth. 
  3. I AM a diagnosis. Just yesterday a client said to me, “I’m very OCD.” Another way to express this thought might be, “ I have not yet learned how to take control of my thoughts,” OR, “I’m learning how to focus my mind.” When you buy into any diagnosis you are cursing yourself to suffer – literally.

And I could go on.

When you are highly trained to understand the correlation between your thoughts, your emotions, your energy system and your physical health as I am you can quite literally hear people making themselves sick.

Every thought you think creates your brain chemistry.

Every emotion you express creates the way you feel, which either raises or lowers your energy, which in turn turns on the healing processes in your body or turns on the stress hormones that lower your metabolic rate, suppresses your immune system and destroys your brain chemistry.


In this wonderful interview, Michael J. Russ recommends to begin improving your self talk by creating a series of positive affirmations beginning with the following statements:





In an earlier interview with John Robinson Jr., CEO of Joy+ app, I discussed how the happiest people feel both grateful and optimistic about the future.


You can listen to that equally fantastic interview at this link.

Whether you are working towards overcoming a life-threatening illness or simply wanting to feel as awesome as possible, take Michael J. Russ’s advice and begin to listen to your self talk.

Are you talking yourself healthy or making yourself sick?

Do you tell yourself you are brilliant, bold and beautiful every day?

Love yourself enough to create the reality that leads to success, material prosperity, radiant health and awesome energy.

What is healing? Healing happens when you pay attention to your thoughts and create an inner dialogue of positive self talk.

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