Guest Post by Jane Bernard

Sensual syncing feels good. It is when we balance what we sense, with what we think with our minds, and what we know in our hearts. It is sensual thinking.

Music creates sensual syncing that unites our spirits and can clear our heads. Sometimes music sets our mood, but not always. Because our 6 senses are direct portals to our passion to Live, we can pump up the volume of our moments to reset the rhythm of our moods with sensual thinking. You can listen to this kind of music here.

Sensual thinking and music work a kind of intimate magic with our passions. We don’t notice it, but the caress of the right sound goes just under our skin. Like music, thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds is personal and shared. We sense each others attitudes.

Music is physical, and whatever our mood, what we sense is a massage of our spirit that sets the stage for our moments. Whether we stay awake, go to sleep, make love, dance or relax, it’s rhythm. Even being productive is a rhythm and mood. Our experience of music is sensual syncing that is natural and universal.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds is as vital to living, as the air we breathe is to life.  It’s sensual syncing that promotes energy of satisfaction. Sensual syncing is like air because we don’t see, taste or think it, but can’t live without it. Our senses are direct portals to our passion and we don’t live richly without passions. Feeling passionate is being in sync with our dreams.

We all are breathing each others air. Being in sync with ourselves and others is natural and feels good.  When we stay curious and aware, the air we breathe is music, poetry, passion and prayer that connects us.

Thinking with our senses, we notice what we notice. Being sensually in sync, we learn to guide our passions to bloom by feeling with our minds. If your mood is low, listen to music, write a poem or call your mother. Remember, passion is something money can’t buy.

Jane Bernard is the author of Am I Really Hungry 6thSense Diet Intuitive Eating. You can find out more about her work on her blog and website.