This morning I had the privilege of conducting a seven generation healing.

What is a seven generation healing?

A seven generation healing is a very profound ceremony that calls on your ancestors from seven previous generations to empower you to clear, heal and release any issue that you are currently facing.

It allows you to call on the wisdom, love, experience and support of the people who came before you, whose DNA you carry.

The seventh generation principle comes from Native American traditions. The concept is that if you make any choice – be it personal or professional – you should consider how your choice will affect the next seven generations.

Technically, a generation is usually considered 25 years. A seven generation healing calls on the people who came before you over roughly the previous 175 years. You are the result of their choices, their karma, their thoughts, words and deeds, so you can go back to access this energy at any time, any place.

I have been practicing seven generation healings for so many years – maybe 20 years by now – I can’t remember exactly where I was taught.

I have rarely conducted such a ceremony where the client involved did not shed many tears. It is a very profound natural healing method because you suddenly experience for yourself that you are not alone, that you have never actually ever been alone and that you have always been surrounded by more love and support than you ever even possibly imagined.

If you study DNA, you will find:

  • You – 100 percent of your DNA
  • Your father – 50 percent of your DNA
  • Your paternal grandfather – 25 percent of your DNA
  • Your great grandfather – 12.5 percent of your DNA
  • Your great-great grandfather – 6.25 percent of your DNA
  • Your great-great great grandfather – 3.125 percent of your DNA
  • Your great-great-great great grandfather – 1.56 percent of your DNA
  • Your great-great-great great great grandfather – .78, or less than 1 percent, of your DNA

The gentleman I was working with had recently lost a significant amount of his wealth due to circumstances beyond his control. His goal in working with me was to rebuild his business.

Although at first glance, it might seem that this issue was merely about money, the loss of the business that he had worked his entire life to build had ripped him apart at literally every level – physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Not only had this loss affected him, it had affected the clients he had lost to a new owner. He had recently revisited his old business and his former clients had actually run after him down the street, beseeching him to intervene on their behalf as the new owner was not half as kind, compassionate or helpful.

Just as we are the effects of the thoughts, words and deeds of the seven generations that preceded us, the actions we take in this life have a ripple effect that goes not only through our own mind-body and our own family but into the community surrounding us.

One of the former clients had even filed bankruptcy. Distraught, unhappy that the new owners had not been able to work out a better deal for him, the man was clinging to the desperate hope that my client who had lost the business might have a shred of information that could help him hang on.

When we discussed the healing, I asked for guidance and received that the best way forward was for us to do a seven generation healing.

Here, in brief, is the procedure:

  1. Set the goal you are working on. In this case, our goal was for my client to rebuild his business easily by grace in perfect time.
  2. Find the emotion or emotions. This is always crucial because emotions carry so much energy.
  3. Determine which side of the ancestry needs to be contacted. It would either be the paternal line (your father, paternal grandfather, great grandfather and so on) or your maternal line (your mother, maternal grandmother, great grandmother and so on).
  4. The client stands at one end of a room, beginning with himself. The practitioner, in this case me, sits nearby with a pad and pen to record the information as it is being received. Beginning with himself, the client calls on his own soul and asks for guidance about how to clear the issue at hand.
  5. The client then takes one step backwards to go back one generation. In this case, we went through the paternal line, so my client called on his father, who is now deceased. My client asked for the soul of  his father to be present. Then he asked to be shown any pictures that would offer guidance. Then he asked for words of support and asked for assistance at the soul level. I recorded the information as it was being received.
  6. Then the client takes a step backwards to go back to the next generation. Calling on the soul of his paternal grandfather, he asked to be shown any pictures and given any words of encouragement. The client asks for assistance. I recorded the information.
  7. We continue the healing, taking one step backwards and contacting the souls of the ancestors through seven generations.
  8. After the last generation has been contacted, the client then steps forward again, one generation at a time and thanks each soul for their love, guidance and support. Finally, the client comes back to his own generation, himself, usually a very changed individual.

What was it like to experience a seven generation healing?

“It seemed real to me because it was as if I were actually speaking to my ancestors,” my client said afterwards. “As a result it was very moving. I felt very supported and believed that I was actually going to receive their help.”

What is healing?

True healing happens when we ask for guidance at the soul level and actually listen.

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