Today I took one of my best friends shopping.

She had been sick yesterday, so I dropped by her house to bring her an orchid and a few items I thought might make her feel better.

She was back up walking today, so I picked her up and we went to the grocery. We left my dog Belle with her yellow lab so they could have a play date while we went out.


A few weeks ago, she had gone shopping with me and bought whatever I bought.


Boxes of spinach (I usually go through two boxes of spinach every week with all my juicing). Granola to go on top of fresh berries and yogurt. Berries of all kinds, organic hamburger, dried cranberries. Cashew clusters for snacks. Cheese to crumble on top of spinach salad.


I told her what I usually eat – some of my basic simple recipes and menus – and she just copied what I did.


She said it was so delicious, she could hardly believe it, but the main effect was how she felt.


“I felt so much better after eating that way,” she said. “A lot more energy.”


The shopping today was similar. Apples. Spinach. Celery. Cucumbers. Blueberries. Raspberries. Strawberries. Bottled water. More organic hamburger.


Eat real food. If it wasn’t around 10,000 years ago, it’s not real food. The more closely you follow what your ancestors ate, the better you will feel.