I remember years ago one of my teachers in healing said, “Our job is to show up and get out of the way.”

Many people think that if they get their ego mind out of the way, that they will lose their head, lose all their education, all their experience good and bad, all the hard-won facts, all their judgment.

You can never lose yourself.


You can only be a more perfect receiver.


I am old enough that I remember old time radio sets, the kinds with dials.


There were good radios, where you could get a clear signal, and there were others that never seemed to be able to hold a channel, only floating around and getting confused, varying from station to station.


If you truly show up, being fully 100 percent grounded, in your body and fully present, you will never lose your wisdom self. You can only be a more true and perfect receiver.


I don’t always like what I have to say to my clients, nor are they always happy to hear what I have to say either.


I prefer to give happy news.


But if I show up fully and get my ego self out of the way, I can channel the purest form of information and even if it’s so-called bad news I can say it to you in a way that will delight you and make you laugh.


I remember years ago talking to a lady who consulted with me about my angels.


She told me that I had a guide who gave me the ability to tell someone the worst thing about them in a truly delightful way.


“Oh yes,” I said. “I can tell you that you are a mass murderer and you will laugh and agree with me. Then we can work together and come up with a solution.”


It takes someone truly spiritually connected who has forgiven herself on all levels to be able to help you see yourself clearly as you are with new eyes so that you too can love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.


Of course, it is not always easy to be a clear and perfect channel.


My mentor in healing, Sue Maes, says, “We have to be not stressed in order to do this work.”


I like to spend a lot of time lying in my hammock, a lot of time walking, a lot of time knitting or petting my dog. I do a tremendous amount of self healing, as you can only take a person as far as you have been yourself.


I have to rip off my own masks that have built up over time, get on my hands and knees, so to speak, scrub my own floors and have the humility to look in my dark corners.


To have this courage is to give myself the ability to show up and get my ego self, my judgments, my expectations, hopes and fears out of the way so I can see clearly, speak carefully and respond to the energy in front of me.