Your Website Is the Icon, The Seed and The Foundation of Your Social Media Identity

When you are wanting to build a social media platform to help you communicate and connect with like-minded people, you have to start with your website.

I have both a blog,, and a website for my business,

I consider my blog,, the place where I write about my work as a medical intuitive and communicate more personally.

This is where I post all the gorgeous photos of my orchids and my garden that uplift my soul and hopefully everybody else. Frankly it’s my favorite of the two websites because it expresses who I really am at my soul level.

My website,, is where I write about fitness, nutrition and natural healing. This is the latest incarnation of my old website, I offer a tremendous amount of FREE information there – FREE videos on all kinds of exercises, photos of yoga poses, recipes and downloads of all kinds.

I consider this to be public service because if you actually read my website and even did just 10 percent of what I recommend, you could be an incredibly happy healthy person.

I realize that not everybody can afford to have a session or a class with me, so I give out tons of information so that everybody everywhere can use at least some of what I know.

I changed the name of my business in 2014 as a result of writing my new book, Unlimited Energy Now, as the new name is a better expression of the work I do at the present time.

When you work with webmaster Greg Keesey, he will help you pick out what is called a website theme.

A website theme is a template that you will fill in with your own logo, your own photos, blog articles and information.

Pick a theme that expresses who you are and if you have a business, that best expresses the nature of your business.

Mynzah Osiris created a beautiful new logo for my business that I love very much. He is the same artist who designed the cover of my new book, Unlimited Energy Now.

Because I am not just an author but also run a business as a medical intuitive, I hired Scott D. Smith in London to do SEO or search engine optimization work for my website.

Scott came highly recommended to me by a client who is a chief executive officer of a company over in England.

As an author, you may or may not need SEO work done for your website, but if you do, Scott does the work to make sure your website gets ranked on Google and other search engines.

Once you have set up your website, take these steps to build your social media presence:

  1. Set up accounts on the major social media. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Goodreads, Instagram, Youtube and Path.
  2. Connect your website to all your social media.
  3. Ask Greg to set up a Jetpack on your website. This is incredibly important and time-saving. With the Jetpack plugin, every time you publish a blog article, you blast out your article to your social media sites.
  4. If you have a business, you may consider setting up a monthly newsletter. I use Constant Contact. Greg has taught me that it’s better to write very short newsletters. I now send out 1 to 2 articles per month with some sort of coupon for business. I used to spend 2 days a month just writing all the articles. Once you create your newsletter, be sure to share it with your social media, which is easy to do through Constant Contact.
  5. If you need a logo, consider hiring Mynzah Osiris, a brilliant artist who designed both my new business logo as well as the cover of my book. You can reach Mynzah at (928) 239-9328 or

Your website is the foundation of your social media presence because it expresses your core message.


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